Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Omega Edition

1. Family Circus this comic strip has just sort of been around for too long. Not only that it is like Chic Tracts in that it has a narrowing audience, though unlike Chic Tracts it is not a bigot only audience. It also just has never appealed to me, so I can't recommend it.

2. Most Wrestling inspired comics. Let's face the fact that these never translate well. They are either poorly done in story or art. Not only that but like Baseball they are always absurd, and it is mostly unintentional.

3. All-Star Squadron # 55 circa 1986. This is a culturally insensitive nightmare of a comic. You have various Native American tribes, Jews, and Caucasians being referred to in derisive ways, including slurs. Also there is anti-climatic ending. A second tale featuring a slightly lame update of a golden Age story is also included. I honestly try my best to forget the bad parts of this issue. So not recommended!

4. Ad Campaigns that try to include themselves in a comics companies already established main universe. While some like the Hostess ads of the past worked with the weirdness of certain characters, others like Rush just don't. The latter was a series about a car that was set to be released and its fictional driver who worked in the DC Universe. Think along the lines of The Transporter and you have the whole concept. Mostly not recommended!


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