Not Recommended Comics List of 4 The Moonlight Edition

1. Moon Knight #10 from 1981. It is just a Batman with D.I.D., or as people used to call it Multiple Personality Disorder, mental breakdown story. Though I did find the less scratchy Bill Sienkiewicz art to be interesting. Personally I think Moon Knight only works as a crazy moon god avatar.

2. The Incredible Hulk # 283 from 1983. While it is a serviceable story with a good premise, it suffers two major flaws. One of them is a collapse in logic when Captain America throws his regular shield in outer space. If a baddie had not caught it during the battle then it would just keep going. Finally the battle lasts just a little too long.

3. Shazam! #13 from 1974. I am not recommending this because it is mostly reprints with only two original stories from that era. If it had been mainly original stories filling the 100 pages than I would have recommended it.

4. Impact Comics's annuals from 1992. These annuals were pretty bad for a few reasons. The cover art is atrocious, while the interiors vary. The main storyline is too "grim and gritty" in its approach to storytelling. The back up stories range from barely okay to depressingly bad. Heck, there are a few stories that don't even really have endings.


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