Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Impacted DC Of Old Edition

1. Millenium was an event from the late 1980s that DC overstretched. It had a tie-in in nearly every title for each week it went on, and that is never a good idea. While I can't condemn every story connected to it, I can't recommend the main event either. Unlike certain other event comics this one had no real lasting effects to its name.

2. Impact Comics The Black Hood #6 from 1992.  This issue is not new reader friendly in the least. The issue features a villain for most of the issue, which makes the cover's question of "Who is the Black Hood" irrelevant. The pacing and story are atrocious with the art being the only good factor for this issue.

3. Impact Comics The Black Hood #4 from 1992 is only slightly better story-wise. The art is still a good factor, however the characterization is not. For instance the mother of a main character cannot tell a real gun from a toy gun. How is this possible toy guns and real guns do not feel or look the same. A real weapon would severely out weigh a toy by a few pounds at the least.

4. Hawkgirl #63 from 2007. Either I once owned a misprinted copy of this issue, or it was done half-assed by certain people who worked on it. All I can say for sure is that I can not recommend this issue of Hawkgirl.


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