Recommended Comics List Of 4 September 6 2014

1. Green Arrow #33 circa 2004. This one-shot type story is funny, and shows proper characterization for Green Arrow and the first Speedy. We also get an online auction battle featuring the super villain Scavenger, which is part of why it is a funny issue. Not many DC or Marvel comics have done this.

2. Rom #48 written by Bill Mantlo back in the 1980s (1983 if you want the exact year). This comic is not perfect, but I feel it is good enough to recommend. The pacing, action, and relationships are all good. Also the art holds up. I also feel writer Bill Mantlo's genius for creating was taken from him way too soon. I believe he is still alive in a hospital and funds can be donated to his care. Please look in to ways to help this former great in the comics world.

3. Doctor Strange #13 from 1976 is recommended for just two reasons. The old look of Nightmare is much better than his current look. The Ancient One and Doctor Strange take on Eternity to restore the Earth to the Universe.

4. The Flash #337 from 1984. The massive supporting cast, light and dark moments, Flash catching a bullet with his teeth are all things that make the made this comic cool! This issue is also before the overly long trial of the Flash truly begins. One gets a sense that DC has lost its way with its dour outlook and lack of civilian lifestyle moments after reading this issue.


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