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Review Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 25 Spoilers


     This comic has a great end to the main storyline of Archer & Armstrong that explains why the status quo changed. Not to mention we learn how the Archer way of life that was seen in the Faraway got started. Now my favorite stories in this comic are many "Happy Returns" and "First Round's On Me." The former gives us a glimpse of the future, while the latter shows us a bit of Armstrong's literal hilarious stupidity. While I loved all the stories, there is a story that confused me. The story is "Bar Talk" and this is because I did not get why the 1990s valiant characters were in it. I do think all the stories are solid in terms of art and writing, with a little something for nearly everyone teen plus and up. I recommend checking out this issue whether you are new to Valiant or a long-time fan.

Review Of Harbinger Omegas Issue 3 Potential Spoilers

This issue is recommended! The reasons why are the art is solid, consistent, and brilliantly colored. As for the story the use of the theme of control is expertly explored. We get Harada losing and gaining control in parts of his life. Stanchek still being out of control, and yet he seems to have more of a sense of peace in regards to life. The juxtaposition of their actions and circumstances is deftly done, and makes one see both points of view as possibly being correct. (Also in my opinion Kris is still trying to control her life based on a feeling of helplessness from Stanchek's original mindf'ing.)

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 23

Wow does Naru have a battered housewife persona when it comes to Nephrite or what? Seriously he has no interest in her and has done a bunch of strange things to her that she thinks are dreams, so why is she all lovey-dovey? Also a 14 year old getting phone calls from someone who is obviously an adult in the middle of the night, and her mom who was held hostage in the first episode lets her talk to  him? WTF! Instead of handing Naru the phone she should have called the police, or at least threatened to do so!
    Now the questions I had in relation to this episode's events: Were the Scouts suggesting revealing their identities to Naru? Did Mamoru not have money on his person at the food joint? Where do the wallets and clothes go when the characters transform? What would have happened if the tiara had hit Naru? I.E. would it have hurt her at all, or does someone have to be evil and the initial target for it to work right?

Mini-review Of Sonic Boom Issue 1

This issue really feels more kid-oriented than the regular universe Sonic comics. I was sort of reminded of the very early issues of Sonic The Hedgehog when it was still finding its way. That being said it is a serviceable done in one story of a new series that may, or may not, succeed. I say this for a few reasons: first long-time fans may not like the potential threat to the regular Sonic comics. However, this comic series could draw in more readers with the new cartoon series giving it a promotional push. Not to mention the stories in this series could get better. Finally if the series sticks around, we may get crossovers between the two universes. I recommend at least buying a copy of this comic to give to a young kid.

     For those that are not familiar with these Sonic comics the regular universe is mainly a variation on the Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series that played for two seasons in the early to mid-90s on Saturday mornings. (Note this version has become known as Soni…

Review Of Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 4 Spoilers

Thanos is depicted in this horrible mini-series as more the Jason Aaron version than the Jim Starlin version. What I mean by this is that Thanos maybe insane, but Mistress Death is considered a real cosmic being within the Marvel standard universe by most fans. Iconic stories like the Infinity Gauntlet established this as a rule. So by betraying this precedent that most fans think of when they think of Thanos the storytellers fail. Same holds true for the confusion regarding the Ebony Maw. He was clearly alive in Infinity. Plus this series says that not only is Maw dead, but so are several other characters from Infinity and this series.

   So due to all the failings of the four issues, and the fact it does not resolve anything, I say ignore this series. Also we all might potentially want to ignore the Black Vortex story featuring the Guardians Of Galaxy that will pick up from this comic's ending. (However don't quote me on that last sentence.)

Interview with Sisteray's Daniel Connolly

Rip: What was your first experience with music that made you want it as your profession? (This may not necessarily be your first ever.)
Daniel Connolly: For me personally, it was when my old man introduced me to Paul Weller's 'Stanley Road' album. It was the first time I'd ever listened to music and thought "wow, that really says something". From there on it became an ultimate session. I began to teach myself guitar and would spend hours every single day practising and even writing. 
Rip: Do you feel communication is essential when it comes to every level of your career?
Daniel Connolly: It's difficult to say and can be thought about too much. If you're a new band coming through and ignore any type of interaction, then that can be detrimental on your progression. Having that direct communication with fans has brought us closer to them and built a direct bond between band and fan but it goes much further than that. At gigs, we encourage fans to participat…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Jokes What Jokes Edition

1. Who came up with the first chicken crossing the road joke?

2. Was it even a chicken in the original joke?

3. How many jokes never made it from the ancient past to modern times?

4. Are there any hieroglyphics that contain a series of jokes?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Three DC And One Other Edition

1. The Futurians By Dave Cockrum #3 is a good continuation of the second issue which I previously recommended. Aimed at 1950s' Sci-Fi fans with the trappings of super-heroes. The aliens look very creepy and nightmarish.

2. 1st Issue Special #12 featuring the first alien Starman in 1976. This is Mikaal's only appearance until the James Robinson & Tony Harris series. As such the ending is a bit unsatisfying. However the characters are intelligent, and if the words were removed the art could tell most of the story by itself.

3. Secret Origins #37, cover dated 1989, presents Comedic takes on the Legion Of Substitute Heroes & Doctor Light. With a great cover that provides a chuckle all its own.

4. 1st Issue Special #8 by Mike Grell circa 1975. This issue shows how a singular vision can catch fire by showing Grell's Warlord at his beginning. Recommended for jungle adventure, dinosaur, and just plain fantasy fans. There is also a nice autobiographical piece on Grell withi…

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Three DC And One Other Edition

1. Rima The Jungle Girl #1 from 1974. Both the Rima and the Space Voyagers stories are too obscure in their focus. The first part of Rima's origin story is more about a possible supporting character, and Rima only makes the occasional appearance. The Space Voyagers is interesting but gets cut short without fully establishing anything about the characters.

2. Red Hood And The Outlaws #2 circa 2011. Not only is it stuck in the bad stylings of the 90s', this comic relies on continuity that no longer mattered after Flashpoint. Also this has bad and sexist characterization. I could go on but I won't.

3. The New 52: Future's End #0: FCBD Special Edition from 2014. Basically the start of an overly long machines take over and time-travel gone wrong story. Oh well at least it didn't cost anything other then minutes out of my life.

4. Jailbait # 0 published by Bluewater Productions in 2013. Interesting To Catch A Predator type premise, but a waste of pages due to the abrupt …

Review Of The Premiere Of Constantine

I will say this about Constantine: at least Matt Ryan is a better casting pick than Keanu Reeves. This is not to say that the show is better than the movie. They are both unfaithful to the source material in their own ways, and are boringly predictable as well. Though Matt Ryan does a commendable job with the crappy writing and dialogue his Constantine gets. I mean for crying out loud leave a little mystery about the character's origins. The origin story is told in several sentences within the first episode. What is worse is that Constantine seems to actually care about people, which is out of character.
     If this show's cliche-ridden crap characterization and story continues than the Mother of Constantine will turn out to be alive. Throw in the cheap special effects such as the obvious cgi blood on the map, plus the Talia corpse moments, and you have something only the mentally challenged and children would be scared of. I mean dead bodies do not come back to life so…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 22

I really just have a few questions about this episode. Does Luna really think her talking to anyone can prove whether someone is royalty from the moon? How did Tuxedo Mask get in to the party? Why did Mask leave during the battle? Also did he realize during the kiss that Usagi/Serena was drunk on "juice", or did he just kiss her knowing this beforehand? Is it just me or did Zoisite sound less mannish in the Japanese dub for this episode?

Day Of Release Mini-Review Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 3

This mini-series stinks! It lacks focus on who the main character is, and has absolutely no clue regarding which plot is the main one. Some of the art in certain panels is muddied and obviously rushed. Thanos is out of character and Thane is too new of a character to really be one in this mess of a comic. This is down near the bottom of my not recommended list! Even die-hard Thanos and Marvel Cosmic fans should stay away from this series!

Day Of Release Review The Delinquents Issue 3

This issue almost missed being recommended by me due to two reasons. However I figured out that jump cuts in the narratives (art and written) were not occurring. Instead there is a brilliantly subtle series of quick transitions that make it seem like sudden narrative shifts are occurring. The other almost problem is the use of song lyrics, which is almost always a mistake to do. Though I feel this time can be the exception to the rule, because of two factors. They are incorporated into the art design, and none of the characters are trying to sing them.

    I will say this issue had more laugh out loud moments than the second, but still less than the first. Several of the jokes push near the boundary of being wrong and unfunny, though they maintain a respectful distance from that boundary. Speaking of funny, I do have to wonder how long Archer has remained consecutively drunk for in terms days while on this adventure. Finally I think I can say that with one issue left this mini-seri…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Nascar Adventures Volume 1, No. 1 Starring Fred Lorenzen published by Vortex Comics in 1991. A mess of a comic with Don Heck's awesome talents obviously having waned by this point being one of the lesser problems. The Narrative is the biggest problem with sudden shifts from Fred Lorenzen being the narrator to a third person narrator. This is mainly a really weird attempt at a biography comic. Even Nascar fans should avoid reading this comic.

2. Know what perspective you are narrating from! This is not to say you can't shift the form, but always may sure you give a logical reason for the shift to happen. Also do not have it happen out of nowhere in the middle of a flashback or story.

3. What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? #1 from 2005. Mainly a bad excuse to do a Self-Insertion story. Bendis's creation joins the the Avengers while Bendis takes the Watcher's standard role of narrator. This story just rehashes the Avengers Disassembled story. What really mak…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Avengers #239 from 1984 guest-starred David Letterman & Paul Shaffer. Not only that but it introduced those who had failed to read the then current Hawkeye limited series to Mockingbird. We also get Hawkeye's initial dealings with hearing loss and reluctance to use a hearing aid. A great Assistant Editor's Month issue!

2. Captain America #267 circa 1982 finds Cap fighting Everyman. Everyman is nuts and a realistic villain. I recommend this issue for how Cap keeps his temper in check no matter the opponent.

3. JSA #1 from 1999 is the real kick-off to a great series with many twists and turns. I say real kick-off due to the fact that it was preceded by an event stunt featuring the original Justice Society Of America.

4. Last Days Of The Justice Society from 1986. I recommend it simply because it provides a reason for the heroes to no longer be active after the Crisis On Infinite Earths reboot. It is a serviceable story at best though.

Love Over Gold Book Review

For those who loved the classic Nescafe Gold Blend and/or Taster's Choice adverts featuring Anthony Stewart Head & Sharon Maughan there is this book. Love Over Gold by Susannah James (a writing alias used by Susan Moody) is the 1993 publication I, and other fans, never knew we needed. Not only does it fill in the blanks between the soap opera like cliffhanger ads, it also adds to the story with additional romances. Each romance ties in to the main plot, and said plot ends with an additional cliffhanger ending.

   If I have one complaint it is that I can't find a copy the VHS compilation of adverts that is promoted in the back of the book. Yes that is right, not only did Love Over Gold add to the coolness of this love story and said ad campaign, it was officially supported by Nestle. I would recommend this to lovers of romance, the ad campaign, travel, and finally fans of the actors.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 21

Oh man is the English dub's monster possessed animator's southern belle voice annoying. Speaking of voices, I can't understand what was with her not getting fired getting in either version. I mean in both dubs she voices an opinion (actually the monsters' opinions) to her boss about evil winning. However we get left with her apparently keeping her job and her co-workers' support. At least the Japanese version is less ranting in that moment and could have possibly kept the job. 

   I do have one complaint about the monsters in the Japanese dub. Why did Nephrite boast that they were the most powerful monsters at his disposal? I mean they are taken out pretty quickly compared to other monsters we have seen. A great example being the Camera Monster that turned people in to photos. Though I did like the music lyrics we get in the Japanese dub during this defeat.

Day Of Release Review Unity Issue 0 Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point  

     Unity # 0 is a solid issue that promotes a grander view of the Valiant universe. We see an early team the Eternal Warrior helmed called Unit Y. The most interesting member is Breaker due to his pacifist beliefs, genius intellect and poor speech. Breaker and the rest of Unit Y would be interesting to learn more about, especially the hinted at origins of each member. Heck, I wouldn't mind a limited series centered around their formation. I recommend this comic not just for the story, but the great art as well.

Q2 The Return Of Quantum & Woody Issue 1 Advance Review Potential Spoilers

For those new to the fact that the current Valiant universe is not the first, this issue may make you scratch your head. However don't worry the mystery this comic's plot contains made me scratch my head in confusion as well, though for a different reason. I find this to be a good reminder of how the original Quantum & Woody were smart satire stories versus how the modern Quantum and Woody are more slapstick. Also the classic 1990s version is parodying elements of The Dark Knight Returns in this story without the cliche feeling that could have happened.

Potential Spoilers Beyond This Point

   The art has great line work and choreography in each scene. The colors are bright with shadowed elements being expertly done. The letterer chose some good fonts for the argument between Woody and the other Woody. I recommend issue of this series. Finally welcome back to classic Valiant creators.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just Why Edition

1. The Futurians by Dave Cockrum #2 from 1985. Good introduction for new readers of Dave Cockrum's work. Also good for fans of team books like the X-Men or Legion of Super-Heroes from this decade. One warning though this issue is heavily influenced by 1950s' Sci-Fi Bug Monster movies.

2. Punks: The Comic #1 from this month in 2014. Yes it just came out, but I did not feel like writing a  review on it. I will recommend it do for fans of humor and punk art style comics.
3. The Corinthian: Death In Venice mini-series from 2001 and 2002. I recommend this for adults who are looking for prequel tie-ins to Neil Gaiman's Sandman or the Hellblazer series.
4. Astonishing Tales #27 circa 1974. The original Deathlok stars in this issue that feels more like a 1980s story. The Reason I say this is because the dialogue, exposition, along with the realistic fantasy, would be utilized like this starting in the 1980s.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just Why Edition

1. Blue Ribbon Comics # 10 from 1984. All The stories feature the Red Circle superhero The Fly. The stories are drawn well in terms of looks but there are some narrative problems in the art. Each story has a bit of a logic problem somewhere in it as well. Not too bad, but just not worth recommending.

2. Art not matching the story. When you are having the scene not matching the dialogue, thought, or exposition, you are making a mistake. Also the reverse of this can happen on the lettering or writing level. Be careful not to do this when creating your narrative.

3. General Jack Cosmo Presents #1 is a 2007 independent comic. The anthology feel doesn't work even with a title character being used to tentatively connect the stories. It also felt like each story is just there to promote attempts at new variations on old ideas. The art is serviceable to just barely likable depending on the story told.

4. Never make a story that feel like an Advertisement. This can happen when the story re…

The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 2 Mini-Review

This issue did a lot to move the story forward. Not only that but the art looks slightly better, especially because the color and style suit the otherworldly locales in this issue. Where last issue failed to live up to the title by having the lead defy any kind of danger, or risk of death, this issue delivers. She is constantly having to making deals and escape dangerous situations. We also get just the right amount of backstory, and hints of backstory, with it working naturally with the main story. If I had to pick a creative team for this year that made a comeback with their second issue this would be it. I recommend this issue not just as a potential jumping in point for the Valiant Universe, but as a great single issue period.
Addendum: If the next issues rock me like this one than I will recommend Valiant try a monthly or bi-monthly series with this same creative team and character.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 20

This opinion is really silly and out of place. I mean a hotel with a psychic child and the staff apparently wearing monster costumes constantly, that is so weird and silly! The out of place part is the fact this episode seems like it has several concepts being ripped off to give the main storyline a rest. Akira, The Hypnotizing Clown from classic Scooby-Doo, and Poltergiest look like the possible sources for this episode's ideas. I really don't have much more to say except that Tuxedo Mask in full costume doing something on the beach is funny and awesome.

Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 1 Day Of Review Possible Spoilers

Possible Spoilers Beyond This Point

   This issue features a lot of exposition. Some of it is natural such as during the alien bar scene, though most of the time it feels unnatural. Also the title is a bit of a misnomer so far, due to the focus being on the son of Thanos known as Thane. We also have not seen any gods listening, unless Thane is supposed to be a god based on his powers and Eternal/Inhuman lineage. Regarding the art it is pretty much standard cosmic. In other words there is nothing really revolutionary in this first issue. I would not recommend this as single issue pick-up. I will have to read the rest of the story before I can give an opinion on the inevitable collected edition.

X-O Manowar Issue 0 2014 Edition Day Of Review Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point

     This issue's portrayal of Aric's first time on the battlefield has a two problems. One is that I mistook the headless guy for Rolf (Aric's father) due to the artistic perspective change. I assumed this since it has been so long since Rolf has appeared in this title, and because Rolf was leading the charge near Aric. The other flaw happens when Aric becomes instantly battle hardened after having killed a Roman. Having been in a lot of violent fights, this is kinda hard for me to believe based on just my own experiences. Though I will say it is not totally out of the realm of possibility based on the scenario shown.

    Some pluses in regards to the issue is the artistic proportions being outstanding for everything. The P.O.V.S are also something that I like in this issue, due to their cinematic feel. Another thing of note is that this issue made me want to know more about if Aric's not taking time off will affect his romantic relationship…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Rut Edition

1. Could a musical act/tour featuring Michael Bolton, Lemmy of Motorhead, & Billy Idol work?

2. Has any woodchuck ever died from chucking as much wood as a woodchuck could?

3. Would we recognize a new idea if faced with one?

4. Do Political/Military/Business institutions have power over people, or do people give up their power to empower these institutions? In other words if enough people simply said "no" could that stop an institution?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Brutus Edition

1. The Saga Of Crystar Crystal Warrior #1 is a good 1983 fantasy comic that had a toy tie-in. Marvel's staff may have conceived this by committee, however this is one time the committee was a smart and creative one. Also this comic has one of the best covers for drawing potential readers in.

2. Dazzler #31 from 1984. Another comic published by Marvel. Where Crystar focused on Fantasy, this comic focuses on realism. This issue has Dazzler facing some real world situations with the last few pages having a slight focus on her fictional abilities. What realistic superhero comics should be!

3. Arak #5 is a recommended option for those trying to find a non-spandex entry point into comics that is not too immature, nor too mature, in age range.

4. Atop The Fourth Wall's 200th Episode is not a comic, but it is a chillingly relevant and thought-provoking review of Spider-Man: One More Day. While it is not recommended for those who liked the story arc, it is recommended due to the ideas …

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Brutus Edition

1. Jim Balent's choice of design for Catwoman's costume in the 90s' series. The design, while interesting, just would not work in a real fight. Characters who will be getting into fights, or going on adventures, should be dressed practically. Still this was better than any of the costumes with skirts.

2. The Black Hood #1 published by Red Circle/Archie Comics circa 1983. This is not recommended due to reintroducing the Black Hood only to have him be portrayed in varying ways in two different stories. The supernatural "Get On The Stick Kramer" is just an okay story that is simply out of place in this comic.

3. Moon Knight #11 from 1981 fails to make the recommended lists because of Knight acting like an idiot in waiting two weeks to go after a killer. It also has some lettering errors, and combined with the derogatory nickname "Frenchie" being used in exposition, readers get a mediocre comic.

4. Nightwing being alive while new Robins are still being crea…

Review of Armor Hunters Aftermath Issue 1

This review is later than it should be due to the fact that I couldn't decide how I felt about the Gin-Gr double-page spread. Now some people will say that is being a nitpicker, and they might be right. However this was a problem because it both works and doesn't work. The way it works is by showing depth and scale in regards to the humans vs Gin-Gr and the facility as a whole. What does not work is the fact that I had to locate the text that was continued from the previous page. It had to be located because of the double-page spread being a horizontal view instead of a vertical one.

    Now while I will recommend this comic, due to the rest of the issue being pretty solid, I have some opinions about this issue. It was good to see some realistic civilian reactions within the Valiant Universe, because we rarely see that in comics featuring super-powered beings. Also I wouldn't mind if the Unity series brings back the civilian old men at the beginning of the issue as min…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 19

We get too vastly different tellings of the same story with the different 1990s dubs (Japanese and English). In fact I think a little bit of the flashback footage was cut from the English dub. Another difference is that miss Haruna is chaperoning in the English dub, but in the Japanese version she is warning about being taken advantage of by this letter scam. However in both she is angry at her students for getting the letters. That is just awesome.
   Questions I have based on events in this episode are, what happens if Mamoru/Darien is driving during his apparently painful transformations? I mean does he have the awareness to pullover his vehicle? How come nobody notices the Tuxedo Mask transformation? Shouldn't the police be contacted if so many teenage girls got the same mysterious love letter? Wouldn't Naru/Molly be dead if she was drained of all energy? Finally Nephrite is one of four kings in the Japanese version, what is up with that?

Review of Bloodshot Issue 24

B. Clay Moore surprised me with this issue. I had previously only read bits and pieces in preview pages of his past work and I was not impressed. With this week's issue of Bloodshot he made me see an okay story as a daring work. I mean in this current political charged, and divisive, climate it is hard to feel safe with suggesting, even in fiction, that all governments are corrupt. Not to mention the suggestion that certain elements of the Cold War of the 20th century still exist. Moore did this in a brutal, but empathic way, and for that I think I need to reevaluate my opinion of his past work.

   As for the art it is probably the bloodiest, and combined with the coloring, the most realistic Bloodshot has ever been. While this may turn some readers off, I felt it fit the story Moore had written. I do have to say that I did have a problem with not being able to see the brain hardware in the first brain reveal. However this is more of a nitpick since we do get to see it several …

Thor Issue 1 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Having only read the first issue of Jason Aaron's previous Thor: God Of Thunder series I thought this comic might be similar. It is not. Thor #1 has a different feel not just because of the female lead, but because we get dueling royals, a non-powered Thor Odinson trying to be bad to the bone, and finally then less gimmicky than expected feel. The female lead at this point could be any woman that could be on the moon, which is a lot of Marvel females. Thor rides a goat and than loses a fight, thus representing his trying to remain a hero. If the Marvel staff is smart they will keep this female Thor status quo around for as long as possible, which I suggest they do because failing to do that will make this just a gimmick.

Recommended and better than expected!