Day Of Release Review The Delinquents Issue 3

   This issue almost missed being recommended by me due to two reasons. However I figured out that jump cuts in the narratives (art and written) were not occurring. Instead there is a brilliantly subtle series of quick transitions that make it seem like sudden narrative shifts are occurring. The other almost problem is the use of song lyrics, which is almost always a mistake to do. Though I feel this time can be the exception to the rule, because of two factors. They are incorporated into the art design, and none of the characters are trying to sing them.

    I will say this issue had more laugh out loud moments than the second, but still less than the first. Several of the jokes push near the boundary of being wrong and unfunny, though they maintain a respectful distance from that boundary. Speaking of funny, I do have to wonder how long Archer has remained consecutively drunk for in terms days while on this adventure. Finally I think I can say that with one issue left this mini-series is recommended (by me) in both single issue format and a collected edition.


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