In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 19

    We get too vastly different tellings of the same story with the different 1990s dubs (Japanese and English). In fact I think a little bit of the flashback footage was cut from the English dub. Another difference is that miss Haruna is chaperoning in the English dub, but in the Japanese version she is warning about being taken advantage of by this letter scam. However in both she is angry at her students for getting the letters. That is just awesome.

   Questions I have based on events in this episode are, what happens if Mamoru/Darien is driving during his apparently painful transformations? I mean does he have the awareness to pullover his vehicle? How come nobody notices the Tuxedo Mask transformation? Shouldn't the police be contacted if so many teenage girls got the same mysterious love letter? Wouldn't Naru/Molly be dead if she was drained of all energy? Finally Nephrite is one of four kings in the Japanese version, what is up with that?


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