In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 21

   Oh man is the English dub's monster possessed animator's southern belle voice annoying. Speaking of voices, I can't understand what was with her not getting fired getting in either version. I mean in both dubs she voices an opinion (actually the monsters' opinions) to her boss about evil winning. However we get left with her apparently keeping her job and her co-workers' support. At least the Japanese version is less ranting in that moment and could have possibly kept the job. 

   I do have one complaint about the monsters in the Japanese dub. Why did Nephrite boast that they were the most powerful monsters at his disposal? I mean they are taken out pretty quickly compared to other monsters we have seen. A great example being the Camera Monster that turned people in to photos. Though I did like the music lyrics we get in the Japanese dub during this defeat.


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