In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 23

   Wow does Naru have a battered housewife persona when it comes to Nephrite or what? Seriously he has no interest in her and has done a bunch of strange things to her that she thinks are dreams, so why is she all lovey-dovey? Also a 14 year old getting phone calls from someone who is obviously an adult in the middle of the night, and her mom who was held hostage in the first episode lets her talk to  him? WTF! Instead of handing Naru the phone she should have called the police, or at least threatened to do so!

    Now the questions I had in relation to this episode's events: Were the Scouts suggesting revealing their identities to Naru? Did Mamoru not have money on his person at the food joint? Where do the wallets and clothes go when the characters transform? What would have happened if the tiara had hit Naru? I.E. would it have hurt her at all, or does someone have to be evil and the initial target for it to work right?


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