Interview with Sisteray's Daniel Connolly

Rip: What was your first experience with music that made you want it as your profession? (This may not necessarily be your first ever.)

Daniel Connolly: For me personally, it was when my old man introduced me to Paul Weller's 'Stanley Road' album. It was the first time I'd ever listened to music and thought "wow, that really says something". From there on it became an ultimate session. I began to teach myself guitar and would spend hours every single day practising and even writing. 

Rip: Do you feel communication is essential when it comes to every level of your career?

Daniel Connolly: It's difficult to say and can be thought about too much. If you're a new band coming through and ignore any type of interaction, then that can be detrimental on your progression. Having that direct communication with fans has brought us closer to them and built a direct bond between band and fan but it goes much further than that. At gigs, we encourage fans to participate and even join us on stage, meaning that there's not just four members of Sisteray... anyone can be part of this band. It's important to note that we do not communicate with fans for the sole purpose of selling records; it's something we genuinely enjoy doing. 

Rip: If you had to recommend just one song from Sisteray, to new people, what would it be?

Daniel Connolly: That's a hard one. Take It or Leave It... it's a new tune (only in demo form at the moment). I love it so much I've had it tattooed on my arm!

Rip: Any pre-show rituals?

Daniel Connolly: No... just drink as much beer as possible.

Rip: What are some dates and places you and the rest of Sisteray are scheduled to perform at next?

Daniel Connolly: We've just finished a hectic tour and played 4 gigs in the last 7 days alone across the UK. We are going in to the studio early November and are planning a massive Christmas show, so watch this space!

Note from Ripper: For updates from the band Sisteray check out @sisteray1 on twitter.


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