Love Over Gold Book Review

   For those who loved the classic Nescafe Gold Blend and/or Taster's Choice adverts featuring Anthony Stewart Head & Sharon Maughan there is this book. Love Over Gold by Susannah James (a writing alias used by Susan Moody) is the 1993 publication I, and other fans, never knew we needed. Not only does it fill in the blanks between the soap opera like cliffhanger ads, it also adds to the story with additional romances. Each romance ties in to the main plot, and said plot ends with an additional cliffhanger ending.

   If I have one complaint it is that I can't find a copy the VHS compilation of adverts that is promoted in the back of the book. Yes that is right, not only did Love Over Gold add to the coolness of this love story and said ad campaign, it was officially supported by Nestle. I would recommend this to lovers of romance, the ad campaign, travel, and finally fans of the actors.


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