Mini-review Of Sonic Boom Issue 1

    This issue really feels more kid-oriented than the regular universe Sonic comics. I was sort of reminded of the very early issues of Sonic The Hedgehog when it was still finding its way. That being said it is a serviceable done in one story of a new series that may, or may not, succeed. I say this for few reasons: first long-time fans may not like the potential threat to the regular Sonic comics. However, this comic series could draw in more readers with the new cartoon series giving it a promotional push. Not to mention the stories in this series could get better. Finally if the series sticks around, we may get crossovers between the two universes. I recommend at least buying a copy of this comic to give to a young kid.

     For those that are not familiar with these Sonic comics the regular universe is mainly a variation on the Sonic The Hedgehog cartoon series that played for two seasons in the early to mid-90s on Saturday mornings. (Note this version has become known as Sonic SATam by fans.) However, Sonic Boom is taking part in a new universe  based off a new cartoon series and video games.


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