Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Nascar Adventures Volume 1, No. 1 Starring Fred Lorenzen published by Vortex Comics in 1991. A mess of a comic with Don Heck's awesome talents obviously having waned by this point being one of the lesser problems. The Narrative is the biggest problem with sudden shifts from Fred Lorenzen being the narrator to a third person narrator. This is mainly a really weird attempt at a biography comic. Even Nascar fans should avoid reading this comic.

2. Know what perspective you are narrating from! This is not to say you can't shift the form, but always may sure you give a logical reason for the shift to happen. Also do not have it happen out of nowhere in the middle of a flashback or story.

3. What If Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? #1 from 2005. Mainly a bad excuse to do a Self-Insertion story. Bendis's creation joins the the Avengers while Bendis takes the Watcher's standard role of narrator. This story just rehashes the Avengers Disassembled story. What really makes no sense to me is including the Purple Man, a character even other villains would have killed due to his powers.

4. Showcase '95 # 3 just fails because all three stories are badly done paint by numbers. Eradicator is close to succeeding but fails to live up to the story title of "No Mercy!" Next up is a story that goes nowhere while starring Claw from Primal Force. The Question's story is just a pointless save the day cliche about an overly oppressive, ungrateful nun from Vic Sage's past.


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