Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Brutus Edition

1. Jim Balent's choice of design for Catwoman's costume in the 90s' series. The design, while interesting, just would not work in a real fight. Characters who will be getting into fights, or going on adventures, should be dressed practically. Still this was better than any of the costumes with skirts.

2. The Black Hood #1 published by Red Circle/Archie Comics circa 1983. This is not recommended due to reintroducing the Black Hood only to have him be portrayed in varying ways in two different stories. The supernatural "Get On The Stick Kramer" is just an okay story that is simply out of place in this comic.

3. Moon Knight #11 from 1981 fails to make the recommended lists because of Knight acting like an idiot in waiting two weeks to go after a killer. It also has some lettering errors, and combined with the derogatory nickname "Frenchie" being used in exposition, readers get a mediocre comic.

4. Nightwing being alive while new Robins are still being created. This is a problem because Nightwing is an adult now but Batman is still, according to company thinking, supposed to be 35 at the oldest. It just does not work with the amount of adventures and Robins there have been in both pre-New 52 and post-New 52 continuity.


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