Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just Why Edition

1. Blue Ribbon Comics # 10 from 1984. All The stories feature the Red Circle superhero The Fly. The stories are drawn well in terms of looks but there are some narrative problems in the art. Each story has a bit of a logic problem somewhere in it as well. Not too bad, but just not worth recommending.

2. Art not matching the story. When you are having the scene not matching the dialogue, thought, or exposition, you are making a mistake. Also the reverse of this can happen on the lettering or writing level. Be careful not to do this when creating your narrative.

3. General Jack Cosmo Presents #1 is a 2007 independent comic. The anthology feel doesn't work even with a title character being used to tentatively connect the stories. It also felt like each story is just there to promote attempts at new variations on old ideas. The art is serviceable to just barely likable depending on the story told.

4. Never make a story that feel like an Advertisement. This can happen when the story really serves no point except to show that the characters exist. Case in point General Jack Cosmo Presents #1.


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