Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Three DC And One Other Edition

1. Rima The Jungle Girl #1 from 1974. Both the Rima and the Space Voyagers stories are too obscure in their focus. The first part of Rima's origin story is more about a possible supporting character, and Rima only makes the occasional appearance. The Space Voyagers is interesting but gets cut short without fully establishing anything about the characters.

2. Red Hood And The Outlaws #2 circa 2011. Not only is it stuck in the bad stylings of the 90s', this comic relies on continuity that no longer mattered after Flashpoint. Also this has bad and sexist characterization. I could go on but I won't.

3. The New 52: Future's End #0: FCBD Special Edition from 2014. Basically the start of an overly long machines take over and time-travel gone wrong story. Oh well at least it didn't cost anything other then minutes out of my life.

4. Jailbait # 0 published by Bluewater Productions in 2013. Interesting To Catch A Predator type premise, but a waste of pages due to the abrupt ending in order to show art designs.


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