Q2 The Return Of Quantum & Woody Issue 1 Advance Review Potential Spoilers

   For those new to the fact that the current Valiant universe is not the first, this issue may make you scratch your head. However don't worry the mystery this comic's plot contains made me scratch my head in confusion as well, though for a different reason. I find this to be a good reminder of how the original Quantum & Woody were smart satire stories versus how the modern Quantum and Woody are more slapstick. Also the classic 1990s version is parodying elements of The Dark Knight Returns in this story without the cliche feeling that could have happened.

Potential Spoilers Beyond This Point

   The art has great line work and choreography in each scene. The colors are bright with shadowed elements being expertly done. The letterer chose some good fonts for the argument between Woody and the other Woody. I recommend issue of this series. Finally welcome back to classic Valiant creators.


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