Recommended Comics List Of 4 Avenge Justice Edition

1. Avengers #239 from 1984 guest-starred David Letterman & Paul Shaffer. Not only that but it introduced those who had failed to read the then current Hawkeye limited series to Mockingbird. We also get Hawkeye's initial dealings with hearing loss and reluctance to use a hearing aid. A great Assistant Editor's Month issue!

2. Captain America #267 circa 1982 finds Cap fighting Everyman. Everyman is nuts and a realistic villain. I recommend this issue for how Cap keeps his temper in check no matter the opponent.

3. JSA #1 from 1999 is the real kick-off to a great series with many twists and turns. I say real kick-off due to the fact that it was preceded by an event stunt featuring the original Justice Society Of America.

4. Last Days Of The Justice Society from 1986. I recommend it simply because it provides a reason for the heroes to no longer be active after the Crisis On Infinite Earths reboot. It is a serviceable story at best though.


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