Recommended Comics List Of 4 Brutus Edition

1. The Saga Of Crystar Crystal Warrior #1 is a good 1983 fantasy comic that had a toy tie-in. Marvel's staff may have conceived this by committee, however this is one time the committee was a smart and creative one. Also this comic has one of the best covers for drawing potential readers in.

2. Dazzler #31 from 1984. Another comic published by Marvel. Where Crystar focused on Fantasy, this comic focuses on realism. This issue has Dazzler facing some real world situations with the last few pages having a slight focus on her fictional abilities. What realistic superhero comics should be!

3. Arak #5 is a recommended option for those trying to find a non-spandex entry point into comics that is not too immature, nor too mature, in age range.

4. Atop The Fourth Wall's 200th Episode is not a comic, but it is a chillingly relevant and thought-provoking review of Spider-Man: One More Day. While it is not recommended for those who liked the story arc, it is recommended due to the ideas of why Spider-Man may not work as a character.


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