Recommended Comics List Of 4 Just Why Edition

1. The Futurians by Dave Cockrum #2 from 1985. Good introduction for new readers of Dave Cockrum's work. Also good for fans of team books like the X-Men or Legion of Super-Heroes from this decade. One warning though this issue is heavily influenced by 1950s' Sci-Fi Bug Monster movies.

2. Punks: The Comic #1 from this month in 2014. Yes it just came out, but I did not feel like writing a  review on it. I will recommend it do for fans of humor and punk art style comics.

3. The Corinthian: Death In Venice mini-series from 2001 and 2002. I recommend this for adults who are looking for prequel tie-ins to Neil Gaiman's Sandman or the Hellblazer series.

4. Astonishing Tales # 27 circa 1974. The original Deathlok stars in this issue that feels more like a 1980s story. The Reason I say this is because the dialogue, exposition, along with the realistic fantasy, would be utilized like this starting in the 1980s.


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