Recommended Comics List Of 4 Three DC And One Other Edition

1. The Futurians By Dave Cockrum #3 is a good continuation of the second issue which I previously recommended. Aimed at 1950s' Sci-Fi fans with the trappings of super-heroes. The aliens look very creepy and nightmarish.

2. 1st Issue Special #12 featuring the first alien Starman in 1976. This is Mikaal's only appearance until the James Robinson & Tony Harris series. As such the ending is a bit unsatisfying. However the characters are intelligent, and if the words were removed the art could tell most of the story by itself.

3. Secret Origins #37, cover dated 1989, presents Comedic takes on the Legion Of Substitute Heroes & Doctor Light. With a great cover that provides a chuckle all its own.

4. 1st Issue Special #8 by Mike Grell circa 1975. This issue shows how a singular vision can catch fire by showing Grell's Warlord at his beginning. Recommended for jungle adventure, dinosaur, and just plain fantasy fans. There is also a nice autobiographical piece on Grell within the pages of this comic.


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