Review Of Archer & Armstrong Issue 25 Spoilers


     This comic has a great end to the main storyline of Archer & Armstrong that explains why the status quo changed. Not to mention we learn how the Archer way of life that was seen in the Faraway got started. Now my favorite stories in this comic are many "Happy Returns" and "First Round's On Me." The former gives us a glimpse of the future, while the latter shows us a bit of Armstrong's literal hilarious stupidity. While I loved all the stories, there is a story that confused me. The story is "Bar Talk" and this is because I did not get why the 1990s valiant characters were in it. I do think all the stories are solid in terms of art and writing, with a little something for nearly everyone teen plus and up. I recommend checking out this issue whether you are new to Valiant or a long-time fan.


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