Review of Armor Hunters Aftermath Issue 1

    This review is later than it should be due to the fact that I couldn't decide how I felt about the Gin-Gr double-page spread. Now some people will say that is being a nitpicker, and they might be right. However this was a problem because it both works and doesn't work. The way it works is by showing depth and scale in regards to the humans vs Gin-Gr and the facility as a whole. What does not work is the fact that I had to locate the text that was continued from the previous page. It had to be located because of the double-page spread being a horizontal view instead of a vertical one.

    Now while I will recommend this comic, due to the rest of the issue being pretty solid, I have some opinions about this issue. It was good to see some realistic civilian reactions within the Valiant Universe, because we rarely see that in comics featuring super-powered beings. Also I wouldn't mind if the Unity series brings back the civilian old men at the beginning of the issue as minor or major supporting characters. They were awesome! As for M.E.R.O. becoming G.A.T.E., I hope it becomes known as Unity instead. (By the way that isn't really a spoiler.) Finally I think this epilogue issue was necessary, as was the need to have the same writer as Armor Hunters.

   It came out this week, so go buy a copy if you are interested.


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