Review of Bloodshot Issue 24

   B. Clay Moore surprised me with this issue. I had previously only read bits and pieces in preview pages of his past work and I was not impressed. With this week's issue of Bloodshot he made me see an okay story as a daring work. I mean in this current political charged, and divisive, climate it is hard to feel safe with suggesting, even in fiction, that all governments are corrupt. Not to mention the suggestion that certain elements of the Cold War of the 20th century still exist. Moore did this in a brutal, but empathic way, and for that I think I need to reevaluate my opinion of his past work.

   As for the art it is probably the bloodiest, and combined with the coloring, the most realistic Bloodshot has ever been. While this may turn some readers off, I felt it fit the story Moore had written. I do have to say that I did have a problem with not being able to see the brain hardware in the first brain reveal. However this is more of a nitpick since we do get to see it several times afterwards. Overall I have to say this is a recommended read, so pick it up today.


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