Review Of The Premiere Of Constantine

     I will say this about Constantine: at least Matt Ryan is a better casting pick than Keanu Reeves. This is not to say that the show is better than the movie. They are both unfaithful to the source material in their own ways, and are boringly predictable as well. Though Matt Ryan does a commendable job with the crappy writing and dialogue his Constantine gets. I mean for crying out loud leave a little mystery about the character's origins. The origin story is told in several sentences within the first episode. What is worse is that Constantine seems to actually care about people, which is out of character.

     If this show's cliche-ridden crap characterization and story continues than the Mother of Constantine will turn out to be alive. Throw in the cheap special effects such as the obvious cgi blood on the map, plus the Talia corpse moments, and you have something only the mentally challenged and children would be scared of. I mean dead bodies do not come back to life so why did two people think Talia was alive. Heck why were several people killed in this episode, I mean what was the reason? Why is/was the Liv character important? Also what was up with the lack of transitions between all the commercial breaks? Things are either over-explained or never explained, and we jump around from one setting to another.

      Finally why should people tune in for a watered down and badly written Hellblazer based story? The first episode made me want to go to bed while it was on, and it failed to scare or interest me. I could predict what characters would do and what would occur. Lastly Constantine gets the Angel (Buffy's first vampiric love) redemption mission from a jerk of an Angelic being, and the evil happenings are only in America. WTF!

NBC is not known for quality shows on it's channel, but this is almost as bad as Blade Trinity or The Dark Knight Rises. Please save people the time and cancel this mess.


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