Review Of Thanos A God Up There Listening Issue 4 Spoilers

    Thanos is depicted in this horrible mini-series as more the Jason Aaron version than the Jim Starlin version. What I mean by this is that Thanos maybe insane, but Mistress Death is considered a real cosmic being within the Marvel standard universe by most fans. Iconic stories like the Infinity Gauntlet established this as a rule. So by betraying this precedent that most fans think of when they think of Thanos the storytellers fail. Same holds true for the confusion regarding the Ebony Maw. He was clearly alive in Infinity. Plus this series says that not only is Maw dead, but so are several other characters from Infinity and this series.

   So due to all the failings of the four issues, and the fact it does not resolve anything, I say ignore this series. Also we all might potentially want to ignore the Black Vortex story featuring the Guardians Of Galaxy that will pick up from this comic's ending. (However don't quote me on that last sentence.)


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