The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 2 Mini-Review

     This issue did a lot to move the story forward. Not only that but the art looks slightly better, especially because the color and style suit the otherworldly locales in this issue. Where last issue failed to live up to the title by having the lead defy any kind of danger, or risk of death, this issue delivers. She is constantly having to making deals and escape dangerous situations. We also get just the right amount of backstory, and hints of backstory, with it working naturally with the main story. If I had to pick a creative team for this year that made a comeback with their second issue this would be it. I recommend this issue not just as a potential jumping in point for the Valiant Universe, but as a great single issue period.

Addendum: If the next issues rock me like this one than I will recommend Valiant try a monthly or bi-monthly series with this same creative team and character.


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