X-O Manowar Issue 0 2014 Edition Day Of Review Spoilers

    Spoilers Beyond This Point

     This issue's portrayal of Aric's first time on the battlefield has a two problems. One is that I mistook the headless guy for Rolf (Aric's father) due to the artistic perspective change. I assumed this since it has been so long since Rolf has appeared in this title, and because Rolf was leading the charge near Aric. The other flaw happens when Aric becomes instantly battle hardened after having killed a Roman. Having been in a lot of violent fights, this is kinda hard for me to believe based on just my own experiences. Though I will say it is not totally out of the realm of possibility based on the scenario shown.

    Some pluses in regards to the issue is the artistic proportions being outstanding for everything. The P.O.V.S are also something that I like in this issue, due to their cinematic feel. Another thing of note is that this issue made me want to know more about if Aric's not taking time off will affect his romantic relationship. Finally I will recommend this issue for long time readers, however I cannot recommend this issue as a jumping on point for newbies. The reason is it is too reliant on past, and current, story points.


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