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Out Of The Blue: A Collection Of Strange Stories Review

Previously I posted a press release concerning this Out Of The Blue: A Collection Of Strange Stories reason for existing. The comic will come out on December 1st, and is an independently published anthology. I recommend it as something to buy to either just help the charity proceeds, or if you are looking for good works.

   The three pin-ups are beautifully done, but "Horror" by Janet K. Lee does not really fit with the main idea of being strange. However all the stories hold up to this main idea. "Three Sons" while not wholly original in core idea presents an interesting twist on said idea. I could honestly see a series of some sort being done from this story. "In His Image" is distinctive in its origin story of the universe, but it is not for those who hold any belief system too closely. These two are my favorites.

   Even the stories that seem like they are going to fail, or I personally didn't get, have a value to them. For instance, "Ther…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9 Serenity Princess Opinion Piece With Spoilers

This show is more tragic and violent than the original Sailor Moon anime in terms of it's back story and general nature. Still loving the design work for the outfits and characters still, except for the cgi transformations. I mean pick an animation style that isn't so glaringly different next time. Really there is not much to say except this hit me harder during the hysterics bits versus the original. Also having never read the Manga, I was intrigued by the changed look for Usagi.

   Questions: Also is Beryl a reincarnation of the prince's killer? Will we ever find out where the clothes go during the transformed times? How fast did Usagi's hair grow in terms of days? Did Artemis not have a memory block in this version of events? Finally how did Earth people get to the moon in the past time, magic perhaps?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 8 Minako Sailor V Opinion Piece With Potential Spoilers

Potential Spoilers Warning!

I always loved the flashback sequences in Sailor Moon, but Crystal's dream sequence flashback's blow it out of the water by comparison. As for the fights they continue to be epic. Mainly because the scouts are becoming more magical and literally flying in this anime. Minako thinking she is Princess Serenity is also an interesting twist, even for those who know better. It also is more logical than not covering up the identity of the real moon princess with more than one failsafe memory block.

  Just two questions this time: Seriously how can Mamoru jump so high? Could we please get a Sailor V prequel spin-off anime to Sailor Moon Crystal?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 Mamoru Chiba Tuxedo Mask With Potential Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  Damn! This episode is one of the most action packed and romantic episodes so far. I mean Tuxedo Mask straight up punches at Zoisite. Sure Mamoru's punch is deflected but still it is a nice attempt. Also the opening with Mamoru and Usagi in his apartment is really romantic for all that is left unsaid verbally. We get a surprising crest on Sailor V's head, and a direct continuation from last episode cliffhanger ending. It also seems we will be continuing with this new way of ending and beginning episodes.

     Question time! Why were so many going to the "Dark" rental store for DVDs? What was the deal with breaking a window with a bat to find Sailor Moon? How did they get the command center built under the arcade? Who built it?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6 Tuxedo Mask Opinion Piece With Potential Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    So Mamoru is admitting to be a bit of a thief? Not sure how I feel about this development. I do know I liked the first use of the moon wand. It was epic! However I couldn't figure if Usagi teleported or projected herself to the fight. Either way that hurt the epic nature slightly. Finally the most epic difference between the two animes is Queen Beryl appearing on Earth before the final battle. Awesome!

    Questions I was left with are: Did Mamoru make a profit from the crimes at any time? Does he really not have any powers? If he has no powers why can he jump really high, and from great heights, and not get hurt upon landing? How many powers do the Sailor Guardians have?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Strange-Fu Edition

1. Doctor Strange: Season One published back in 2012 is a great reimagining of Doctor Strange and Wong's origins. The art is some of the best I have ever seen for a mystic story.

2. The Knights Of Pendragon #1 from 1990. While the story and art are great I am really recommending it because of a superhero (Captain Britain) standing next to a schlub of a leading man (Dai) moment.

3. Having a justifiable reason for changing a notable item, character, series, etc. Without a good enough reason you could end up pissing off your fans of said thing/person/series. Think superhero fashion, or Star Wars prequels force versus the original force explanation.

4. From Image we have 2014's Goners #1. Recommended for horror fans that like laughing a little at horrific things. However, it is not for people who dislike cartoonish art styles.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Whitewashing And Stupidity Edition

1. This week in 2014 gives us one more bad comic in the form of Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #2. In this second issue we get a story about consisting of several of the black cast members that is pretty interesting until the Blue Marvel, a black man, is halfway whitewashed. He is given an anglo-saxon type nose and a severely lightened skin pigmentation. WTH! Any form of whitewashing or blackface is racist even if the intent to insult is not there! Whether the intent was there or not is unknown to me.

2. Avengers X-Sanction #1 from 2011. The art is okay except for the design of a gun Cable uses. The problem comes in the form of the repeating dialogue and lack of set-up for the story. We also get a ticking clock with Cable only having a set amount of time to complete his mission. While others might like this story I just can not find enough good material in it to recommend this issue.

3. 1987's Flintstones Pebbles Write In Comic/Advertisement is just a half done advertisin…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 27

Wow, the Japanese version is sort of pervy in terms of the boy's (Bunboo) predictions of the future! I mean Mercury, who is an underage teen, is rendered almost fully nude in the prediction. What the hell! Also WTH to the fact both versions have Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter finding the fight without explanation. Not to mention the pictures of Ami the boy keeps getting and the fact he moves away after like a day or two. This episode is really illogical no matter the 1990s version one sees. 
    Also why is Usagi dancing in a circle during the Japanese end credits? Gah this episode hurts my brain. (Still love Sailor Moon regular and crystal though!)

Captain Midnight Issue 17 Day Of Review With Potential Spoilers

Beware of spoilers, you have been warned! 

    The cover, while beautiful, makes no sense because it has too many contradicting actions. First is Captain Midnight jumping off the bridge while bored during an intense scenario? Why is the person who Midnight is rescuing looking away from the the car that is about to fall off down onto her leg? Do I need to go on? As for the interior artist's work it is beautiful and well done. The interior art has strong line work, decent expressions, and some inventive action scenes. This art is helped by colors that have a good balance between vibrant and subdued depending on the scene.

     I found the writing to be both written as a single issue and a continuing story. The single issue part is the premise of Midnight in a social setting out of costume. In regards to the continuing story it is in the over-arching plot that is exemplified by the references to past events and the cliffhanger ending. I feel it is a good jumping-on point for readers …

Weird Ideas List Of 4 She Married What This Time Edition

1. Has anyone written a screenplay where Frankenstein actually officiates the marriage of his monster and the monster's bride?

2. Speaking of marriages can there be a film featuring one between the creature from the black lagoon and a shrunken Godzilla?
3. I wish to live one of my next five future lifetimes in a universe where steampunk meets Mecha Godzilla is a reality.
4. How many nutcase in this universe have been inspired by Mary Shelley's infamous Doctor Frankenstein?

The Delinquents Issue 4 Advance Review

This issue concludes this mini-series with the most imaginative, hilarious, and not to mention biggest fight of the two duos' lifetimes so far. I would recommend it just for that, but there are tons of other reasons. For example we see more characters die in funny and embarrassing ways. Not to mention one of the most gross sights seen in a Valiant comic so far! The art fits perfectly with the writing, and alone it would provide plenty of laughs. The lettering is free of typos and has great placement which really helps the summary page. Finally Woody proves yet again that he is a bit of an idiot savant when on and onto something. Now I recommend buying both the trade and all the single issues.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5: Makoto Sailor Jupiter Opinion Piece With Potential Spoilers

Warning Of Potential Spoilers

   First I really liked this episode and am glad that Makoto/Sailor Jupiter is not getting random crushes left and right like in the original anime. Also I think her flower attack is cool! Less cool is the fact I found Umino to be super creepy in this episode. Another off-putting thing is the question of whether the regular villains got mind altered by the silver crystal in this like I assume they did in the regular anime? I assume so since Nephrite seems to have a hidden memory recalled, and Jupiter transforms without instruction from anyone. Finally the quicker pace of events is still fun and interesting!

X-O Manowar Issue 30 Review

There are several problems in this comic. For instance the word "even" in the third panel's last sentence is obviously supposed to be "ever." Also the desk in said panel looks like it is slanted, which creates a wonky perspective in regards to the stuff on it and how gravity works. Next there is the problem of the sound effect "B-Loo" for a phone. What landline office phone has ever made that kind of sound? Also the villain having a landline seems out of character based on the other things that make up his character. The feels off pacing and the transitions between scenes could have been less frequent, in other words this issue needed to be two issues. Finally the cliffhanger second epilogue is too sudden and out place. All said I can't recommend this issue of X-O Manowar.

Not Recommended Comics List 4 of Topps Of Heap Edition

1. Jack Kirby's Teenagents #2 from 1993. The only good things here are the concepts and the dialogue. The art and lettering are all over the place, and in the case of the cover this is a literal thing.  Too much exposition is used. Also the coloring is bland or weird in certain places. (Yes, even the second non-Kirby story done by Curt Swan & Barry Dutter story is just horrible as well.) I feel this was just a pay check for everyone with Jack Kirby's name attached to a title that is based on Kirby's concept.

2. The Topps trading cards which came with the above title remind me why comic book based trading cards suck. They are useless as collectibles since not many people want them and when you have them they are pointless to own.

3. G.I.Spy #1 published by Boom Studios in 2007. No transitions in sequential art or any story are just a no-no. Also the characters are idiots.

4. Vext #2 from 1999 is a world of no.

Predator: Fire And Stone Issue 2 Review

This is an issue that almost didn't make the cut for a recommendation. The art is hampered by the somewhat bland choice of colors. Now as for the writing, I appreciate all the effort done in terms of the alien speech being alien to us and the humans in the story. Though I would not have minded some translation or way for the readers to be able to translate the alien words. However that is just me nitpicking. In regards to the pacing I feel it like the art is kinetic and that both help to create a constant feeling of movement. This is more of an action issue that will most likely read better in trade. I recommend picking this up if you are a fan of the Alien/Predator/Prometheus universe, or just need a decent read while waiting somewhere.

Dark Horse Presents Issue 4 Review

While I recommend this comic there are some things I need to talk about. First, Brendan McCarthy's "Dream Gang" is the best story in this comic in terms of visuals and an original take on dreams. If you loved McCarthy's Zaucer Of Zilk comic then you will love this bit of the "Dream Gang" story as well. "The Mighty" story is a prequel, and thus somewhat predictable to those familiar with the property, though it is still a decent story. I do take issue with not all of the creators of The Mighty being credited in the table of contents. The part of the comic by Evan Dorkin is a hit and miss series of joke comic strips. Some are hilarious and others are "ugh" worthy.  The other strips are okay, but have a slight feeling of the "been there and done that" variety. Serviceable and entertaining, but not good enough to point out.

 You can go digital or print to try out this recent release from this past week.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Only Slightly Recommended Edition

1. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation is an original graphic novel from 2014. It has an interesting story and good art, but the comic has an ending that leaves things in a "to be continued" kind of way. Though a good story it really does not cover much new ground with Thanos or any of the other characters. I recommend this only if you are a fan of the iconic comic version of Thanos that is crafted by Jim Starlin.

2. Dakota North #2 circa 1986. The art could be better, but it is serviceable enough to pass for okay art. I mainly am recommending this because it is a good example of writing and drawing multiple interactions happening at once. This is best exemplified by the dinner scene's poker talk.

3. 2003/2004's Green Arrow #32 is just an interesting "break in the action" type story that is not done much anymore. Sure we get to see some heroic actions, but mainly we get to see Connor Hawke and Roy Harper getting to know each other outside of their heroic person…

Punk Mambo Issue 0 Review

While this is a very good roundabout story*, I can't recommend it. The reason why is that it has a racist word that is used in a "non-Blazing Saddles mocking things way." I could have let it slide, at least enough to recommend this comic, if it was done in a funny way that lets the audience know that it is making fun of racism. Other Valiant titles like The Delinquents have pulled this kind of thing off, but this comic just makes the character seem racist without presenting any reasoning. We do get some possible reasons but nothing substantial. I will say that if you like the Punk Mambo character from the Shadowman series, and can look past one slur, then you will enjoy this comic with great art, color, and an interesting origin story. Sadly I could not.

  *Note: A roundabout story is a term I use for a story that goes full circle in one issue or series. Think any story where you end in almost the same way you began.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 26

I think that the English Dub has more words in it for this episode. This is because of the additional speaking role of the Haruna character, and she really doesn't speak in the Japanese Dub. Also there is more talk in the Japanese Dub regarding chocolate parfait, this time it is being used to reference Nephrite. You know the turncoat baddie who was abusive to Naru. Speaking of her (Naru) I have to say I find it a tad amusing how she goes after the crystal. Also amusing is how one-dimensional the priest is, and how his clothes change after the "Refresh" moment.

     Other than that I really can't think of anything I could say that is interesting, in my opinion, about this episode.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 9 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Spoilers in this review

   There are no discernible differences in the art from the eighth issue to this issue, at least nothing worth writing about. Now bare in mind October's issue had more interior artists working on it, so this is a rare thing to have happen. Most times when an additional artists are required there are noticeable differences in each style. The art for this issue is also good in the consistent character looks. The characters look original while at the same time resembling the actors, no matter which panel a reader is seeing them.

    While I did like the writing and dialogue each character is given, there are problems with some logic in this issue. This whole soul/no soul equaling whether love can happen is pure bull. Spike loved Buffy, and he regretted what he had almost done in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television show that he got his soul back without a curse. Also his personality he does not have Dissociative Identity Disorder so saying ther…

One For One: Axe Cop - Bad Guy Earth Issue 1 mini-review

This reprint issue of Axe Cop - Bad Guy Earth #1 is a recommended way to spend that extra dollar in your wallet. It is also a recommended if you are looking for a cheap gift for a young comic book fan, but are worried about graphic content. The artist's line work is solid and strong. Style-wise the story and art are in the vein of Looney Tunes. This is because one of the creators is a kid. So as I said it is definitely aimed at those looking for a story that is not grim or graphic.

Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1952 Issue 1 Advance Review

This a good start for this prequel to the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. saga. There is some foreshadowing for the later events in the saga, but most of the story is grounded in this year of Hellboy's life. Speaking of foreshadowing there are some elements that will obviously, and probably, play out based on the types of characters in this story's cast. However to avoid needing a spoiler warning I will forego any more discussion of the story. As for the art it is strong in terms of it's line work, and it is drawn much like Mike Mignola's style, yet it still has plenty of artist Alex Maleev's signature style. The coloring is pretty standard for a Hellboy story, and the lettering is free of typos.

    I would recommend this to both readers familiar with Hellboy and those who are new to the comic version of the character. Comic is due out December 3rd, 2014.

Interview With Dr. Julian Darius CEO Of Martian Lit. And Sequart Organzation

Note: I have worked with Sequart Organization in the form of various projects in both writing and editing positions. I have never done work on any of their movies. Also I only know Julian Darius from my work for Sequart Organization and through social media. I was not paid, nor was I hired, to do this interview.
Note 2: Sequart's Movies can be found through Here or on Amazon.
Rip: Sequart Organzation has helped produce and sell several movies. Now, Sequart’s first movie was Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods directed by Patrick Meaney. So who approached who first regarding this project?
Julian Darius: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods grew organically out of the book Patrick had written for us on The Invisibles. As we were putting it together, we were talking with Patrick at New York Comic-Con about seeing if Grant Morrison would agree to do an interview for it, the way he had for our earlier book Grant Morrison: The Early Years. Patrick mentioned that he was a filmmaker, and he sugge…

Stache Publishing & The Comic Book Project Press Release

Nov. 14 - Stache will publish a collection of thirteen short comics offering an entertaining diversion from the ordinary. Out of the Blue contributors include New York Times bestselling comic creators and winners of the Eisner and Ghastly awards. The collection will be published as a paperback on December 1, 2014. 
"The anthology started with an online brainstorming session among comic creators. We quickly realized that a recurring theme in the strongest submissions was an element of the strange," said Marta Tanrikulu, co-editor. 
Proceeds from the anthology will go to The Comic Book Project, a charity that has helped over 100,000 children write, design, and publish original comic books. 
"Stache's mission is to get people to experience the fun and personal fulfillment that comes from making comics," said Anthony Mathenia, project manager for Stache. "With Out of the Blue we are excited to team up with The Comic Book Project and inspire …

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4 Masquerade Dance Party Opinion Piece With Potential Spoilers

I loved that Luna's P.O.V. helps reintroduce and introduce viewers to the main characters at the beginning. Also I am loving Luna's higher tech computer. Also good was the break this act provides the show from putting additional Sailor Guardians on the roster. Umino being openly compared in looks to the Princess makes me curious if there is some lost bloodline thing going on here. Also I found the new fighting technique to be very cool, though a bit illogical from a science standpoint. I was surprised to see Usagi's dad was finally shown after so many noticeable absences. Finally why did Nephrite not wait to see what the treasure was before trying to steal it?

The Valiant Issue 1 Advance Review

The art is incredible for the different locations and people shown. As for the coloring it brings a nice quality to the work due to the different tints and tones of the color selections. The lettering looks free of typos for what was available in this advance review copy. Both the plot and dialogue engage the reader. However the dialogue does seem a little grim from one character who is usually more jovial. Also the first issue is a little more grim than most of Valiant's titles have been in the past or present. I do recommend picking up this comic on December 10th and forming your own opinion.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Not The Professor You Wanted Edition

1. Mantech Robot Warriors #1 from 1984. The characters are one-dimensional and what story exists is an overly long toy advertisement. The faces get weird around the story's 7th and 8th pages with characters' eyebrows and eyes just being bizarre to see. I could go on but simply put this is a piece of dung.

2. All-New Captain America #1 from this month in 2014. Falcon Cap is out done by his partner/sidekick/student when it comes to correctly throwing the shield. This moment is unintentionally racist because you have a black guy in the hero role being shown up by his white guy partner/sidekick/student. It also disregards the fact that Falcon had gone on many adventures with Steve Rogers the original owner of the shield. Steve Rogers would have trained his friend Falcon to throw the shield, and if he didn't Falcon would have known either through his own observation or practice.  
3. Another from 2014 is Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #1. It focuses on Spider-Man, a vi…

Q2: The Return Of Quantum And Woody Issue 2 Mini-Review

This issue is a little confusing during some of the scientific and pseudo-sciencitic dialogue. However overall the story is understandable and intelligent. I found the jokes to be a little or miss, but I feel this issue really helped develop the plot. The coloring and lettering are solid, but the line work looks a tad weak in a few spots. Overall this is a good comic that I recommend, especially because of the surprises and mysteries within the first two issues.

X Issue 19 Review With A Possible Spoiler

Warning of A Possible Spoiler!

  There is expert and strong line work in these beautifully drawn pages. The characters are smart in terms of their actions and dialogue. Each character looks and sounds very distinctive, and this includes the one off characters in this issue. There is also a cool, and unique, flashback featuring a speeding cop car that does something in this story I had never thought of before. This comic is very bloody and definitely not for the squeamish. In other words I not only recommend this comic, but that you know if your stomach is strong enough.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Hog You Wanted Edition

1. Super Powers #2 from 1986 is set both in and out of DC's Superfriends & Superpowers team continuity. It has a very accessible story and is something I feel is okay to have a 5 or 6 year old look over. The comic's plot and internal logic are solid provide a decent read for anyone who can.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog #266 published this year (2014) is a decent read that moves the ongoing plot along while taking a bit of a break from it as well. However I hesitated on adding this comic to the list because it is a tiny bit "been there, done that" in regards to the villain's new plan. So take this recommendation with a grain of salt.

3. The cover to 1981's Madame Xanadu #1 is recommended for those learning how to draw something that is busy, yet organized and enigmatic. It portrays both the concept and characters that are defining the issue. You have horror, death, mystery and mysticism represented in a way that makes potential buyers take notice.

4. Finally we h…

Resurrectionists Issue 1 Mini-Review

The idea of telling a story about reincarnation or reincarnated characters is nothing new. Basing it around Egyptians myths is nothing new. However there is something about the way Fred Van Lente wrote this story that feels different. What exactly this difference is I am not able to put my finger on yet. I can say for sure that the art and coloring bring a realness to this story both in the designs and skin tones. Also the transitions from past to present flow naturally thanks to the artist and writer. Now if you don't have an open mind regarding what can happen after death then I would recommend avoiding this series. I will recommend this to everyone who can keep their beliefs separate from a fictional story.

   Note: The reason I am keeping this review short is because I am trying to keep my reincarnation being tied to the multiverse opinion/theory/experiences to myself.

Dark Ages Issue 4 Mini-Review

I found this issue of a series I have not read the previous issues of to be both easy and hard to understand. The characters were immediately likable and their bizarre world was comfortable to join as a reader. However there is a lot of references I failed to get. Though the good art and writing outweigh the inaccessible to newcomers sections of the story. In my opinion Dan Abnett should work with this creative team if he plans on making any more stories set in this world. I recommend this issue for those looking for a bizarre, yet good time!

Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out Issue 1 Review

I know grindhouse horror movies are cheap and generally bad low budget movies. Also I know that I shouldn't have expected this to be good. Imagine my surprise when the art and coloring turned out to be great, the characters creepy and brilliantly designed. But then comes a major problem and that is the story. It starts out with good writing in terms of an interesting clipped narrative, but then it changes. The narrator is revealed to be unreliable, due to sickness & painkillers. Another problem is the way each of the characters type of speech constantly changes. I lost the plot before I was halfway through this first issue, and unless the next few issues are better this might be a total waste of readers and Dark Horse's money.

    In short this story is a mess and I don't recommend it, unless you just like aesthetics or are learning what not to do as a storyteller.

Prometheous: Fire And Stone Issue 3 Review

This is so much better than the Predator/Alien comic that ties into this series. For one thing the art is expertly sequenced and the cover and interiors are disturbing. Adding to this terrifying experience is the subdued palette of colors. We also get in this past Wednesday's release silent aliens threatening the crew, which makes the situation they are in all the more terrifying and complex. Each hard decision the crew members make in the face of this horror is logical and yet distasteful at the same time. The relationships feel more realistic due to these decisions as well. So if you need a horror fix, or are a fan of the movies and want to try the comics, I recommend this issue.

Wynter Issue 1 Review

Right now this comic reads as both science fiction and the probable future. The former is due to the idea of people on other planets. Brain Apps cause the futurist prediction that creates the latter to be seen in this comic. As for the art it is both futuristic, yet modern, in the designs of everything and everyone. The coloring choices and lettering font styles add to the Dystopian horror of the comic. I recommend you read my tweep* New World Comics's Wynter #1 and see if you find it as scary as I did.

     *Twitter friend

      Note: New World Comics is giving PDF copies of the first issue for free to their twitter followers.

Unity Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

This issue is hindered by the villains, and I use the term loosely, and the plot. The villains are  either generic mirrors of the main characters, or in the case of the aquatic character a generic homage of the type. Even their names, such as "Stock" and "Gang", do not help this feeling. As for the plot it is typical and almost like all the others we have seen in the wake of comics like Squadron Supreme & The Authority. However I did see some originality in the writing with how these elements played out and the characters' actions. For example there is actual intelligence gathering by the opposing group. This is almost never done.

     Add into this equation great art and coloring, as well as a lettering job that is solid except for a small typo in the summary, and you have a comic I recommend other comic readers should pick up. Oh and did I mention it is friendly for those new to the series. You can go buy it now either digitally or in a comic store ne…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Extra Special Not Logical Division Edition

1. TheTransformers #4 was part of the original limited series that became a regular series in 1985. The Cliffhanger ending is just too shoehorned in and is so sudden it appears to come almost out of nowhere.

2. The Transformers #6 published by Marvel back in 1985. This is not recommended due to how Optimus is a douche by allowing a human to be hurt by his electrics. Also we are not given a reason why this was necessary within the issue.

3. Thor #215 from 1973 has logic problems in the area of time frames being all over the place and the cosmic baddie's backstory. Example of the bad logic is that Hours pass and it is compared to a moment. The cosmic baddie's origin story had two centuries of prevention time. Without revealing spoilers, this makes the origin very stupid. There is a note by the staff about sound not being made in space and yet by pointing it out they destroy a lot of disbelief in the narrative.

4. Demon Hunter #1 published by Atlas Comics in 1975 is bad for one m…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 25

This episode confirms the fact that Zoisite's gender was switched to female for the original English dub of Sailor Moon, or in other words "She's a Man!" I do have to wonder if this was done to avoid outrage from parents because of the relationship between Kunzite and Zoisite. Yes the 1990s are referred to by some as the Gay 90s, but a lot of bigots existed then as well. Speaking of changes for a moment, did anyone else catch the fact that Sailor Jupiter is dissed for her height in the Japanese Dub. Where as in the English dub they change the dialogue to something that just makes her look like more of an airhead when combined with her other flighty behavior in the episode.

    Question Time! Was one of the Jupiter Transformation Artists a pervert? I ask because it looks like the side of Jupiter's rear is shown briefly and it appears to be missing underwear! Also if the bad guys for this season want their warriors reincarnated, then why don't they just tran…

Archer & Armstrong The One Percent Issue 1 Day of Release Review

I am in awe of how epic the cover is and how straight forward the story is. The cover evokes villainous intent in a "bow to your overlord" kind of way. As for the characters in the story (which is beautifully colored by the way) we get a villain as the lead who lives his life to beyond excess and he brings a new violent method to corporate takeovers. It is actually kind of fun to be taken on this ride because this is like a sane modern day version of the Joker mixed with the arrogance of Lex Luthor. I say this because he actually cares about money and violently enjoying life. While there are flashbacks they are used more to demonstrate rather than interlude the story. If I could only recommend one comic from any company to buy this week, this would be the winner.

Skyman One-Shot Day Of Release Review

I found the cover that Freddie Williams the 2nd & Jeremy Colwell to invoke the bad part of the 1990s. It is kinetic, but still very static, and it shows Skyman as an over-muscled hero on the run. On the plus side I was reminded slightly of 1990s Dark Horse covers that were actually good due to the kinetic nature of the work. As for the interior art, done by Manuel Garcia & the inker known as Bit, it is much more kinetic and realistic. Also great is the logical dialogue, actions, and situations writer Spencer Cushing creates for this one off issue of Skyman. I recommend looking past the cover and giving this comic a chance. It is out this week.

Kickstarter In Need Of Funding With Four Days Left

The above is a link to a Transhuman Queer Dinosaur Art Project with Four Days To Go On Kickstarter. If you love art, and wish to support freedom of expression, then help my tweep Kim Leutwyler fund her project. There are a lot of cool rewards, including the knowledge you helped fund an official Australian art exhibit. The pledge amounts are in AUD, so if you pledge and use a different currency make sure you can afford the exchange rate.

Note 1: yes I am allowed to use the word "queer" because I am not intending it as an insult and I am bi-sexual. (Though if you want to get technical I am a pan-sexual.)

Note 2: I only know this artist through twitter, but she seems on the level and cool.

Itty Bitty Comics #1: The Mask Part 1 Advance Review

I can't recommend this issue because the jokes just made me scratch my head in confusion. I love a lot of the renditions of established characters that Art Baltazar & Franco have taken on, but this was the first exception. The coloring and art are zany which is perfect for a character like The Mask. However we get non-sensical actions from the main characters, who don't have a reason to exist except as gag strip/page characters. This story could have been improved with a plot or at least some personality traits to the main characters.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3 Rei Opinion Piece with Potential Spoilers

I'm so glad they have Mamoru in his second year high school instead of in college like the anime did. It makes it a lot less sleazy since he and Usagi are probably only two, maybe three, years apart in age. Also since they are both under eighteen they are not breaking Japanese law if it is suggested they have implications of a sexual relationship. I also like that this version of events happen quicker in its timeline because it shows the Sailor Guardians as more competent. Though it was kind of more perverted than the anime version, I did love the rainbow sparkly bits in Rei's transformation. They reminded me of how She-Ra's transformation worked. The fire visuals were also beautifully animated.
    My questions for this episode include: Anyone else think of Rei possibly becoming a strict professional in a future job due to Rei's choice of the word "Chastisement?" How many moon birth-marked cats are there that Tuxedo Mask couldn't figure out Usagi'…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2 Ami Opinion Piece with Potential Spoilers

This episode had a massive amount of differences versus the original anime. First we get things from Ami's perspective at times, and this is not only different but more interesting story-wise. Also Luna has a better reason for being interested in Ami than in the anime. Luna in this version thinks she could be an ally versus in the 1990s anime thinking she could be evil. Another great difference is we get better explanations for things like why Queen Beryl has a frigging army she never uses. In this version there is no army just being her constantly useless audience. Instead we get ghoul like monsters that have to be summoned up from the ground or somewhere. This is awesome!

      Finally the questions I am left with are: Is this show less pervy in regards to the Sailor Guardians transformations, or am I just not noticing something? If Jadeite is just one of four kings does that mean the Queen is into bigamy?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Evil God Doggy Edition

1. Mutant X #2 from 1998 is "a great trapped in an alternate world" and "the main character may be mentally unreliable" type story. It is a great guide of how one should not act if psychically transported to an alternate world version of one's life. Also this issue has good art and well-written characters.

2. Flash #53 features the 1991 race/team up of Flash & Superman in order to save the nearly always in trouble Jimmy Olsen. It also is the issue in which the Pied Piper reveals his homosexuality to Wally West. An all around interesting read.

3. 1982 gives us The Defenders #113 which has some good and meaty plot twists. Though it also has some weak dialogue in select areas. An example being the Silver Surfer being called "Whitey" by another character. Since it is only in a few places that the dialogue is bad, I will recommend this comic. (Almost forgot to mention that the opening splash page is epic.)

4. While it isn't perfect The Champions #6…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Doggy God Edition Spoiler Warning At Beginning

Potentials spoilers for comic number two.
Also I am bending the rules for number four on this list a wee bit.

1. Vext #1 published by DC in 1999 is a confounding mess with jokes that are failures because they are simply too obtuse. In fact this comic has a second issue I still have to read, and which will probably make it to a future Not Recommend Comic List Of 4.I recommendavoiding this issue.

2. The Legendary Starlord #5 from this past week in 2014 is basically just a "two guys in a bar" "talking heads" type comic. Plus the new villains introduced via a story seem less like an evil team, and more like a dimwitted parody of the Guardians Of The Galaxy that is trying, and failing, to be the bad to the bone type of evil.

3. 1987's Defenders Of The Earth #1 was written by Stan Lee with Bob Harras's help. While the first episode of the cartoon was better than this comic that is not why I am putting it on the list. The reason it is on this list is because it do…

Concrete Park R-E-S-P-E-C-T issue 3 Mini-Review

I can't describe how epically original this book feels without spoilers, so instead of a regular review with spoilers you get this mini-review.

     This was my introduction to the futuristic, yet modern, universe of Concrete Park. As introductions go I was not impressed by the cover or summary. The cover felt somewhat exciting, but looked too much like a Love And Rockets cover. On the other hand I found reading the summary felt like reading a treatment to propose the comic. However once I got to the actual story and art I saw original creativity, and passion, one rarely sees in any medium or method. This is another book I believe is a sleeper hit. I recommend, at the least, checking out this issue of the limited series.

Flashback Review Of Ka-Zar The Savage Issue 5 From 1981 With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers Below

     First page has what appears to be a weird, and tortured with despair, orange version of Man-Bat. He is being ridden by Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. What makes this comic more weird is Ka-Zar calling Shanna "Kiddo" while they are riding the bat creature over the ocean. Now I can overlook these two things as just weird, but Zabu the sabretooth tiger swimming in the Ocean is just wrong. From what little I know of cats, they hate going into moving water. Plus it is swimming to meet Ka-Zar in the Ocean, WTF! I mean how did it even know he was coming to the island in the story.

    We then slip into mixed message territory with an argument between Ka-Zar & Shanna turning into a PSA about rabies and vaccines. Not only is this a weird set-up for a PSA, but we see that Zabu is probably decades old by this point due to where the flashback rabies story starts. (So is Zabu somehow immortal?) The point is this story has many problems including the o…

Rocket Raccoon Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning: There Are Spoilers In This Review

       Was this meant to be funny? Because while I get that there are three punchlines in the forms of sleep, cake and a leaf-boy, I was confused and bored rather than amused. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of Rocket Raccoon letting Groot tell a story to a group of kids, but this failed to work. It could have worked without all the I am Groot! text throughout the story, since we know that is all that would be coming out of Groot's mouth. Even a few reaction shots of the kids listening to the story would have worked. Therefore due to the overuse of Groot Speak this story is not recommended.

The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 3 Review

This creative team has succeeded now with both the second part and this third part of the debut of Dr. Mirage. For example Dave Lanphear gives more cool lettering styles for readers to enjoy. As for the coloring and art, they are as cool as last time in issue 2, and have shown some improvement in the real world areas. (Of course it could just be I am used to it now and that issue 1 was just a creative shock to me.) As for the flashbacks, they have turned out to be important, and this issue has a story of its own I would like to see explored in a possible prequel mini-series. Heck, I would like it explored in a possible future series issue 0. That is if this creative team were to tell it.

    I recommend this for would-be mystics, fans of netherworld myths, and just people looking for a good comic.

Bloodshot Issue 25 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning

    I so want a poster, or some kind of trailer, in the vein of the fake 1990s video game ad for a Bloodshot movie! Of course that is assuming one ever gets made in my lifetime, which I say cause movies get suggested and dropped frequently people. As for the rest of the comic I think it worked on nearly every level, except for the "Why is a Bloodshot naked?" opening panels to the first story. I found the different stories, and even satiric bits, to thoughtful and funny. Finally the art, lettering & coloring fits each part of the story, minus the previously mentioned exception.

   100% recommended read that has something for almost all readers of Teen Plus and older material.

Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel Issue 1 Review Possible Spoilers

Warning Possible Spoilers In This Review

    I liked the art because of the strong the kinetic feeling, which is due to the line work from Cary Nord. The coloring is vibrant and subdued in the right places. I saw no problem with the lettering either in terms of typos, font, or placement. What I do not agree with is the fact that like the last Eternal Warrior series we get nothing that ties into his original appearance in Archer & Armstrong. I can accept the fact the guy is Eternal. Also acceptable is he that would tire at times of the mysteries surrounding the Geomancers. But I was introduced to the current Geomancer in Archer & Armstrong and that is the Geomancer and Eternal Warrior story I want to see!

    Yes this is a well written story in both dialogue and characterization. It also gives us more of Gilad's backstory. But it is the same starting premise, at a basic level, as the first Eternal Warrior story Greg Pak told in Eternal Warrior. I like Gilad but if Valiant i…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 24

I have to address the elephant in this anime: Is Zoisite not a woman in the Japanese dub? I mean we have a very masculine voice in this dub, plus her monsters address her in masculine terms. Yet in the original English dub we get indicators that she is a female. However until I get more information on this I will have to leave this feminine looking elephant alone.

   Nephrite dies, and though I found the reasoning kind of romantic when I was a kid, now the 180 of his feelings for Naru/Molly is just creepy and stupid. For one why didn't he just kill two of the three monsters during his first fight against them? It is also stupid because he could have teleported Naru and himself to the location of Sailor Moon. I mean he found out Usagi's secret schtick, so how come he did not get her and the scouts help. Throw in the fact he is an adult that is who knows how old and possibly ages differently and you get the creep factor.

    Finally why did Nephrite and his uniform become pr…

Usagi Yojimbo Senso Issue 4 Day Of Release Review Spoilers

If I had never read a comic, and was going to ask for a recommendation, this issue would be what I would want recommended. Not only is it new reader friendly but it is a great melding of Eastern & Western mythos. We get Martians (the western) versus humanoid animal beings like the titular Usagi Yojimbo who is like a samurai warrior(eastern). There is also the fact you get a beautiful colored cover thanks to creator Stan Sakai & colorist Tom Luth. The interiors not being colored helps show how varied comics can get. I also love the clear emotions shown through the characters' expressions.
    This purely awesome comic is one I recommend you buy no matter if you are new to the medium or a seasoned veteran. While you are at it buy a copy for a kid you know.

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 8 Day Of Release Review Spoilers

Warning there are spoilers in this review.

     I think writer Victor Gischler's handling of Faith and the other Buffyverse characters is great, except for Angel. While last season we had both Faith and Angel grow, it now seems that only Faith is growing. Now this is okay since Angel as a person has failed to grow for a few hundred years now. However this Angelus/Angel running amok extreme slow burn is weakening Angel and this series. Gischler needs to either wrap up this sub-plot, or at least do something with it. That being said I am liking the Faith redemption arc involving Riley and his wife. Also enjoyable is the interior art, and the regular cover is a work in its own right. For these last two reasons, and the realistic conversations, I recommend this issue.

An Extra Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edition

1. The 2014 comic Birthright #1 from the Image Comics imprint Skybound. From realistic reactions in a missing child scenario to the dark fantasy adventures, this comic has a lot of potential as a series. It is a teen plus rated comic that I feel borders on a the edges of mature. We also get to find out, at least in the print edition, what the inspirations are for the story.

2. Avengers vol. 1 #259 is a 1985 comic that I found pretty solid in terms of characterization, art and story. There is a goofy bit of logic that occurs when the cosmic character Firelord uses his powers to dispose of hazardous waste. However I shrugged it off, due to the fact he has cosmic fire powers. Also it is rare to see heroic characters clean-up, or provide restitution, after their fights.

3. Nova #22 from 2014 is a simple adventure story that provides a nice break in the regular action. It also provides an interesting guest-shot for some of the lesser known X-Men characters. While it has a teen rating you c…

Advance Review Of Ghost Issue 9

Despite what this comic states on the cover this is not a new reader friendly book. My reasoning is as follows: First I had a hard time understanding where all the characters where coming from. This was due to the constant referencing of past events. If the writer had let me know who the characters are as they currently exist I would have probably related to them. As it stands though I felt like the new person at a party full of old friends who were stuck on telling stories only they knew. Not good!

    The rest of the comic is mainly okay for the most part, except some of the angles and postures seem a tad exploitive of the female lead. Such as a curled up legs to the chest pose which made her breasts more pronounced instead of a bit squashed. I believe most women's cleavage, especially when  they are that size, would not have a gap between them for both legs to fit. I could complain more but simply put this is not a recommended issue.

An Extra Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edition

1. Elektra #7 from the 2014 series could have been another great issue. However there are unnecessary words in the dialogue and it took me out of the story. I also felt that two of the redesigned villains looked generic, while a third looked like a rip-off of DC's original version of King Shark.

2. The Hulk story from Tales To Astonish #71 has a nuclear option being used to defeat a plastic giant and said giant is not reduced to slag because of it. WTF! I mean there are other reasons, but still that takes a bit of the cake!

3. Avengers volume 1 #168 from 1978. I know this is part of an iconic story arc called the Korvac Saga, but I think this piece does not fully work. There are interesting bits between the Avengers and the original Guardians Of The Galaxy. Though having the Guardian known as Nikki discussing whether Thor turns the Scarlet Witch on is stupid. The reason why is Thor is within hearing distance on the Quinjet. Korvac also does a stupid thing when he brings a powerful…

Advance Review Grendel VS. The Shadow Issue 3

This is the first comic starring Grendel I have ever read and I loved it! I loved everything from the rich color selections to the similarities of the two leads. They are like twins that took different sides of an argument while using the same methods. As for the work it is top notch. The placement of the lettering never interferes with the story or art, and in fact it adds to the work as a whole. Also it is new reader friendly, even though it lacks a summary and is a final issue. I never felt lost while delving into the issue. I recommend checking this work out when it is released this week.

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Just Thoughts People Nothing To Worry About Edition

Warning: These Might Be A Bit Much For Some People.
1. Would the world be a better place if the late SNL alum Gilda Radner had lived and worked longer?
2. How many high-profile comedians have plagiarized in their time?
3. Could a cannibal get high from eating a drug addict they had killed while the addict was high? (Ew!)
4. Has anyone in real life ever poisoned a cannibal by poisoning their reserves?

Advance Review Alien VS. Predator: Fire And Stone Issue 2

I really can not say much about this week's Alien Vs. Predator: Fire And Stone #2, except for the following: There is wasted space that the panels could be taking up. This space is not taken up in a failed attempt to provoke a cinematic screenshot feel with the panels. As for the writing there is no one, and nothing, I can relate with. The plot is overloaded with trouble and this causes the story to just sort of happen. Also the dialogue just sort of loiters around going nowhere. While the summary page of past events failed to prep me for the comic. In other words this is not recommended.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 1: Usagi Opinion Piece

Sailor Moon Crystal is a more realistic, yet more fantasy based version of Sailor Moon. The designs of both the characters and settings are the the more realistic. However the music and narration are more fantasy based. In fact I was reminded of the franchise Final Fantasy when I first heard several of the musical pieces. I do have to wonder though why Usagi narrates during the show, and why her "dream-self" is in the third-person P.O.V. It just is weird to me! I did like the fact that there are similarities and differences for the two animated versions of Sailor Moon. Such as the lack of the annoying brother in the first episode.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hey Where's The Review Edition

1. Avengers Undercover #4 from 2014 is new reader friendly. It also has solid and expressive art. The story is smartly written with none of the characters acting stupid, or sounding the same.

2. From 1976 we have Marvel's The Champions #8. While not the greatest comic ever made, it is a pretty solid work. Even with the Pseudo-Science. (Also as far as I know Penciller Bob Hall has no relation to me.)

3. X-Factor volume 1 #52 circa 1990. Louse Simonson and the rest of the creative team did suburb work that proves not all 90s comics were bad. There are apparently multiple plot lines that are starting to come together in this issue that are juggled expertly. Plus a massive roach fight at a very upscale restaurant that provides scary, but cool visuals!

4. The Sub-Mariner story from Tales To Astonish # 71 circa 1965 is a great read! It has consistent logic, characterization, art. You also get an honest cover that shows Namor versus a Seaweed Man Monster, which also happens in the story.…