Advance Review Of The Ghost Fleet Issue 1

   This comic blew me away with it's original opening and approach. The art in it reminds me of Matt Kindt's in terms of the type. Though it has a slightly different stylistic signature due in part to the line work. (Note: like handwritten signatures, no artist's style can be truly copied by anyone else.) Darren Warren Johnson's character designs are a visual cross between Doonesbury, Matt Kindt's style, and something I just can't put my finger on. In other words awesome. Lauren Affe's color choices compliment these visuals well.

   The story by Donny Cotes has hooked me with the distinct voices of each character. Also the mysteries, even the minor ones, seeded in this issue have reeled me in. Based on this issue I think this might be on award ballots for next year. This is because of the overall cinematic feel of the work. I recommend checking out this issue when it comes out this coming week.


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