Advance Review Of Ghost Issue 9

    Despite what this comic states on the cover this is not a new reader friendly book. My reasoning is as follows: First I had a hard time understanding where all the characters where coming from. This was due to the constant referencing of past events. If the writer had let me know who the characters are as they currently exist I would have probably related to them. As it stands though I felt like the new person at a party full of old friends who were stuck on telling stories only they knew. Not good!

    The rest of the comic is mainly okay for the most part, except some of the angles and postures seem a tad exploitive of the female lead. Such as a curled up legs to the chest pose which made her breasts more pronounced instead of a bit squashed. I believe most women's cleavage, especially when  they are that size, would not have a gap between them for both legs to fit. I could complain more but simply put this is not a recommended issue.


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