An Extra Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edition

1. Elektra #7 from the 2014 series could have been another great issue. However there are unnecessary words in the dialogue and it took me out of the story. I also felt that two of the redesigned villains looked generic, while a third looked like a rip-off of DC's original version of King Shark.

2. The Hulk story from Tales To Astonish #71 has a nuclear option being used to defeat a plastic giant and said giant is not reduced to slag because of it. WTF! I mean there are other reasons, but still that takes a bit of the cake!

3. The Avengers volume 1 #168 from 1978. I know this is part of an iconic story arc called the Korvac Saga, but I think this piece does not fully work. There are interesting bits between the Avengers and the original Guardians Of The Galaxy. Though having the Guardian known as Nikki discussing whether Thor turns the Scarlet Witch on is stupid. The reason why is Thor is within hearing distance on the Quinjet. Korvac also does a stupid thing when he brings a powerful foe back to life after he had just destroyed said foe.

4. 1986's Animax #1 borders on the edge of being the so bad it is good. However there are leaps in the narrative, such as naked characters suddenly being dressed and equipped with a weapon. Though I love the weirdness of the concept I can't recommend this comic.


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