An Extra Recommended Comics List Of 4 Edition

1. The 2014 comic Birthright #1 from the Image Comics imprint Skybound. From realistic reactions in a missing child scenario to the dark fantasy adventures, this comic has a lot of potential as a series. It is a teen plus rated comic that I feel borders on a the edges of mature. We also get to find out, at least in the print edition, what the inspirations are for the story.

2. The Avengers vol. 1 #259 is a 1985 comic that I found pretty solid in terms of characterization, art and story. There is a goofy bit of logic that occurs when the cosmic character Firelord uses his powers to dispose of hazardous waste. However I shrugged it off, due to the fact he has cosmic fire powers. Also it is rare to see heroic characters clean-up, or provide restitution, after their fights.

3. Nova #22 from 2014 is a simple adventure story that provides a nice break in the regular action. It also provides an interesting guest-shot for some of the lesser known X-Men characters. While it has a teen rating you could give to it to an average kid of 9 or up and they would be fine.

4. Turok, Dinosaur Hunter #1 published by the original Valiant in 1993 is a good introduction to this version of the character. Though it is not his first Valiant appearance, it provides some okay exposition that can bring a newbie up to date on the story as it stands.


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