Archer & Armstrong The One Percent Issue 1 Day of Release Review

      I am in awe of how epic the cover is and how straight forward the story is. The cover evokes villainous intent in a "bow to your overlord" kind of way. As for the characters in the story (which is beautifully colored by the way) we get a villain as the lead who lives his life to beyond excess and he brings a new violent method to corporate takeovers. It is actually kind of fun to be taken on this ride because this is like a sane modern day version of the Joker mixed with the arrogance of Lex Luthor. I say this because he actually cares about money and violently enjoying life. While there are flashbacks they are used more to demonstrate rather than interlude the story. If I could only recommend one comic from any company to buy this week, this would be the winner.


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