Captain Midnight Issue 17 Day Of Review With Potential Spoilers

Beware of spoilers, you have been warned! 

    The cover, while beautiful, makes no sense because it has too many contradicting actions. First is Captain Midnight jumping off the bridge while bored during an intense scenario? Why is the person who Midnight is rescuing looking away from the the car that is about to fall off down onto her leg? Do I need to go on? As for the interior artist's work it is beautiful and well done. The interior art has strong line work, decent expressions, and some inventive action scenes. This art is helped by colors that have a good balance between vibrant and subdued depending on the scene.

     I found the writing to be both written as a single issue and a continuing story. The single issue part is the premise of Midnight in a social setting out of costume. In regards to the continuing story it is in the over-arching plot that is exemplified by the references to past events and the cliffhanger ending. I feel it is a good jumping-on point for readers to try out. This is definitely recommended.


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