Dark Horse Presents Issue 4 Review

   While I recommend this comic there are some things I need to talk about. First, Brendan McCarthy's "Dream Gang" is the best story in this comic in terms of visuals and an original take on dreams. If you loved McCarthy's Zaucer Of Zilk comic then you will love this bit of the "Dream Gang" story as well. "The Mighty" story is a prequel, and thus somewhat predictable to those familiar with the property, though it is still a decent story. I do take issue with not all of the creators of The Mighty being credited in the table of contents. The part of the comic by Evan Dorkin is a hit and miss series of joke comic strips. Some are hilarious and others are "ugh" worthy.  The other strips are okay, but have a slight feeling of the "been there and done that" variety. Serviceable and entertaining, but not good enough to point out.

 You can go digital or print to try out this recent release from this past week.


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