Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel Issue 1 Review Possible Spoilers

Warning Possible Spoilers In This Review

    I liked the art because of the strong the kinetic feeling, which is due to the line work from Cary Nord. The coloring is vibrant and subdued in the right places. I saw no problem with the lettering either in terms of typos, font, or placement. What I do not agree with is the fact that like the last Eternal Warrior series we get nothing that ties into his original appearance in Archer & Armstrong. I can accept the fact the guy is Eternal. Also acceptable is he that would tire at times of the mysteries surrounding the Geomancers. But I was introduced to the current Geomancer in Archer & Armstrong and that is the Geomancer and Eternal Warrior story I want to see!

    Yes this is a well written story in both dialogue and characterization. It also gives us more of Gilad's backstory. But it is the same starting premise, at a basic level, as the first Eternal Warrior story Greg Pak told in Eternal Warrior. I like Gilad but if Valiant is not careful he could become convoluted in the same way as any version of DC's Hawkman character.

I can't fully recommend this issue due to how good it is, but on the hand it would be dishonest to not recommend it. So I recommend this comic, but advise that this recommendation be taken with a grain of salt.


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