Flashback Review Of Ka-Zar The Savage Issue 5 From 1981 With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers Below

     First page has what appears to be a weird, and tortured with despair, orange version of Man-Bat. He is being ridden by Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. What makes this comic more weird is Ka-Zar calling Shanna "Kiddo" while they are riding the bat creature over the ocean. Now I can overlook these two things as just weird, but Zabu the sabretooth tiger swimming in the Ocean is just wrong. From what little I know of cats, they hate going into moving water. Plus it is swimming to meet Ka-Zar in the Ocean, WTF! I mean how did it even know he was coming to the island in the story.

    We then slip into mixed message territory with an argument between Ka-Zar & Shanna turning into a PSA about rabies and vaccines. Not only is this a weird set-up for a PSA, but we see that Zabu is probably decades old by this point due to where the flashback rabies story starts. (So is Zabu somehow immortal?) The point is this story has many problems including the out-dated slang used in the dialogue to the sudden PSA. Not to mention the possible abuse of the tortured looking Man-Bat look-a-like. The art and coloring just could not salvage this comic by themselves. Thus I say be glad for the good Ka-Zar stories from the 1970s Astonishing Tales.


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