Grindhouse: Drive In, Bleed Out Issue 1 Review

     I know grindhouse horror movies are cheap and generally bad low budget movies. Also I know that I shouldn't have expected this to be good. Imagine my surprise when the art and coloring turned out to be great, the characters creepy and brilliantly designed. But then comes a major problem and that is the story. It starts out with good writing in terms of an interesting clipped narrative, but then it changes. The narrator is revealed to be unreliable, due to sickness & painkillers. Another problem is the way each of the characters type of speech constantly changes. I lost the plot before I was halfway through this first issue, and unless the next few issues are better this might be a total waste of readers and Dark Horse's money.

    In short this story is a mess and I don't recommend it, unless you just like aesthetics or are learning what not to do as a storyteller.


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