In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 24

    I have to address the elephant in this anime: Is Zoisite not a woman in the Japanese dub? I mean we have a very masculine voice in this dub, plus her monsters address her in masculine terms. Yet in the original English dub we get indicators that she is a female. However until I get more information on this I will have to leave this feminine looking elephant alone.

   Nephrite dies, and though I found the reasoning kind of romantic when I was a kid, now the 180 of his feelings for Naru/Molly is just creepy and stupid. For one why didn't he just kill two of the three monsters during his first fight against them? It is also stupid because he could have teleported Naru and himself to the location of Sailor Moon. I mean he found out Usagi's secret schtick, so how come he did not get her and the scouts help. Throw in the fact he is an adult that is who knows how old and possibly ages differently and you get the creep factor.

    Finally why did Nephrite and his uniform become pretty lights, yet the scrap of clothe serving as a bandage does not?


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