Not Recommended Comics List 4 of Topps Of Heap Edition

1. Jack Kirby's Teenagents #2 from 1993. The only good things here are the concepts and the dialogue. The art and lettering are all over the place, and in the case of the cover this is a literal thing.  Too much exposition is used. Also the coloring is bland or weird in certain places. (Yes, even the second non-Kirby story done by Curt Swan & Barry Dutter story is just horrible as well.) I feel this was just a pay check for everyone with Jack Kirby's name attached to a title that is based on Kirby's concept.

2. The Topps trading cards which came with the above title remind me why comic book based trading cards suck. They are useless as collectibles since not many people want them and when you have them they are pointless to own.

3. G.I.Spy #1 published by Boom Studios in 2007. No transitions in sequential art or any story are just a no-no. Also the characters are idiots.

4. Vext #2 from 1999 is a world of no.


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