Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Cookie Of Doom Edition

1. Transformers: Head Masters #1 from 1987 is ranges from bad to okay. I say it "ranges" because some of it is a logical and serviceable story, but a lot of it is contrived and inane. It is just not something I can recommend, but at the same time I can't fully condemn it as a bad comic.

2. Thor #258 published in 1977 has the following problems: Too much obvious exposition by the characters, some jump cuts in the art, and an interlude that is too abrupt. The latter is trying to keep a lesser plot line going, but it is inserted in this issue without any real explanation to new readers of this storyline. It also only appears once right around the middle of the issue, and has no real connection to the main plot accept through throwaway lines.

3. Defenders Of The Earth #3 circa 1987. Great Cover Art that is both a bit original and a bit of a homage to a classic Justice League/Justice Society team-up issue. However logic problems abound in this issue's story. For example a character gets injured and then suddenly is walking around fine a few pages later. This example happens in too short a time, and by that I mean way less then half a day, for it to be sensible. We also have the minor character of Zuffy apparently breaking the fourth wall by waving for no reason that can be discerned.

4. X-Men #16 from 2014 is bad cliche and trope-ridden drivel. We have the storyline's main bad guy having name that would only be taken if one was picking a name while drunk, or high, from the F section of an english dictionary! He is also the head of a criminal empire we have never heard about before, and there are redacted intelligence agency files on him. WTF! There is more I could say about the story like the time-traveling kid, the blood-based defense system, but I want to mention one art problem. Why is there a bird's eye view from a floor above some characters for no reason? It serves no one and nothing for the artists to have done this. Though I will give the artists the benefit of a doubt, because I figure it could have just been another bad scripting decision.


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