Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Doggy God Edition Spoiler Warning At Beginning

Potentials spoilers for comic number two.
Also I am bending the rules for number four on this list a wee bit.

1. Vext #1 published by DC in 1999 is a confounding mess with jokes that are failures because they are simply too obtuse. In fact this comic has a second issue I still have to read, and which will probably make it to a future Not Recommend Comic List Of 4. I recommend avoiding this issue.

2. The Legendary Starlord #5 from this past week in 2014 is basically just a "two guys in a bar" "talking heads" type comic. Plus the new villains introduced via a story seem less like an evil team, and more like a dimwitted parody of the Guardians Of The Galaxy that is trying, and failing, to be the bad to the bone type of evil.

3. 1987's Defenders Of The Earth #1 was written by Stan Lee with Bob Harras's help. While the first episode of the cartoon was better than this comic that is not why I am putting it on the list. The reason it is on this list is because it does not match with the same events that were in the cartoon. I don't know if it had anything to do with the information the creatives were given about the episode, but whatever the reason there are major differences. The comparison of Spider-Man and Flash Gordon being one of them. Also I do not recommend this comic due to the poor pacing and generally bad writing.

4. The framing sequence and G.I. Robot parts of Weird War Tales #113. The rest of this 1982 comic is great, especially the last story which has a plot that is still relevant today. However the framing sequence is more tied into the second story which is an okay story. On the other hand the G.I. Robot story is spoiled by the cover of the comic. So this one is recommended only in a collected form or purchased on the cheap.


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