Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Extra Special Not Logical Division Edition

1. The Transformers #4 was part of the original limited series that became a regular series in 1985. The Cliffhanger ending is just too shoehorned in and is so sudden it appears to come almost out of nowhere.

2. The Transformers #6 published by Marvel back in 1985. This is not recommended due to how Optimus is a douche by allowing a human to be hurt by his electrics. Also we are not given a reason why this was necessary within the issue.

3. Thor #215 from 1973 has logic problems in the area of time frames being all over the place and the cosmic baddie's backstory. Example of the bad logic is that Hours pass and it is compared to a moment. The cosmic baddie's origin story had two centuries of prevention time. Without revealing spoilers, this makes the origin very stupid. There is a note by the staff about sound not being made in space and yet by pointing it out they destroy a lot of disbelief in the narrative.

4. Demon Hunter #1 published by Atlas Comics in 1975 is bad for one main reason. The main character is initially working for a cult that collects blood as payment for deeds done. The stupid part is he doesn't think they are evil until he sees proof, even though they have given him the title of "Harvester Of Eyes." I can't recommend it for the story, but I will recommend anyone interested in Stanley Lieber's (Stan Lee) brother Larry's career in comics should pick it up for the last page.


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