Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Not The Professor You Wanted Edition

1. Mantech Robot Warriors #1 from 1984. The characters are one-dimensional and what story exists is an overly long toy advertisement. The faces get weird around the story's 7th and 8th pages with characters' eyebrows and eyes just being bizarre to see. I could go on but simply put this is a piece of dung.

2. All-New Captain America #1 from this month in 2014. Falcon Cap is out done by his partner/sidekick/student when it comes to correctly throwing the shield. This moment is unintentionally racist because you have a black guy in the hero role being shown up by his white guy partner/sidekick/student. It also disregards the fact that Falcon had gone on many adventures with Steve Rogers the original owner of the shield. Steve Rogers would have trained his friend Falcon to throw the shield, and if he didn't Falcon would have known either through his own observation or practice.  

3. Another from 2014 is Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #1. It focuses on Spider-Man, a villain, Falcon Cap, Luke Cage and that is really it. Also this relies on the comic event Axis and the Superior Spider-Man/Doc Ock period of time too much. Besides not being new reader friendly it came out in the same week as All-New Captain America #1. This means readers of both have to deal with two interpretations of Falcon Cap, even though one is obviously set later. Finally the only characters that are remotely likable are the average citizens and those brutalized in this issue.

4. Now for negatives that artists need to avoid doing. Our example comes from 1980 in the form of the cover to Green Lantern #135. First the cover is too busy and disorganized. This is partly due the to the sweet spot or middle/center of the page being taken up by special effects of powers and flying background citizens. The other reason is the way too large text all over the place in the forms of the title, hype, dialogue. The final things wrong are that Doctor Polaris's left hand is deformed near the thumb area and the position of Hal Jordan's right leg would hurt Hal's crotch area. 


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