Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Whitewashing And Stupidity Edition

1. This week in 2014 gives us one more bad comic in the form of Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #2. In this second issue we get a story about consisting of several of the black cast members that is pretty interesting until the Blue Marvel, a black man, is halfway whitewashed. He is given an anglo-saxon type nose and a severely lightened skin pigmentation. WTH! Any form of whitewashing or blackface is racist even if the intent to insult is not there! Whether the intent was there or not is unknown to me.

2. Avengers X-Sanction #1 from 2011. The art is okay except for the design of a gun Cable uses. The problem comes in the form of the repeating dialogue and lack of set-up for the story. We also get a ticking clock with Cable only having a set amount of time to complete his mission. While others might like this story I just can not find enough good material in it to recommend this issue.

3. 1987's Flintstones Pebbles Write In Comic/Advertisement is just a half done advertising in comic form. It also tells you what subjects you should write in each blank space, which is condescending to comic readers and the average person. (It can be found in Silverhawks #2 from 1987.

4. Silverhawks as a concept in both 1980s cartoon and comic form would work if it didn't use pseudo-science for space travel. This is a concept that would work in the early 1960s or earlier, before people stopped regularly believing that space was something you could breath in. By 1980s to present standards creatures like Tallyhawk just do not work! So I do not recommend the comic series or the cartoons.


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