Out Of The Blue: A Collection Of Strange Stories Review

   Previously I posted a press release concerning this Out Of The Blue: A Collection Of Strange Stories reason for existing. The comic will come out on December 1st, and is an independently published anthology. I recommend it as something to buy to either just help the charity proceeds, or if you are looking for good works.

   The three pin-ups are beautifully done, but "Horror" by Janet K. Lee does not really fit with the main idea of being strange. However all the stories hold up to this main idea. "Three Sons" while not wholly original in core idea presents an interesting twist on said idea. I could honestly see a series of some sort being done from this story. "In His Image" is distinctive in its origin story of the universe, but it is not for those who hold any belief system too closely. These two are my favorites.

   Even the stories that seem like they are going to fail, or I personally didn't get, have a value to them. For instance, "There" has an ordinary strangeness that will appeal to people with a 9-5 desk job. (I honestly failed to get the point of this story's strange aspect.) On the other hand, I enjoyed "Demonaic" but I think the quote at the end ruins some of the story's ending. However there is a mature rated story for everyone (of age anyway) in this comic.


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