Punk Mambo Issue 0 Review

  While this is a very good roundabout story*, I can't recommend it. The reason why is that it has a racist word that is used in a "non-Blazing Saddles mocking things way." I could have let it slide, at least enough to recommend this comic, if it was done in a funny way that lets the audience know that it is making fun of racism. Other Valiant titles like The Delinquents have pulled this kind of thing off, but this comic just makes the character seem racist without presenting any reasoning. We do get some possible reasons but nothing substantial. I will say that if you like the Punk Mambo character from the Shadowman series, and can look past one slur, then you will enjoy this comic with great art, color, and an interesting origin story. Sadly I could not.

  *Note: A roundabout story is a term I use for a story that goes full circle in one issue or series. Think any story where you end in almost the same way you began.


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