Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Evil God Doggy Edition

1. Mutant X #2 from 1998 is "a great trapped in an alternate world" and "the main character may be mentally unreliable" type story. It is a great guide of how one should not act if psychically transported to an alternate world version of one's life. Also this issue has good art and well-written characters.

2. Flash #53 features the 1991 race/team up of Flash & Superman in order to save the nearly always in trouble Jimmy Olsen. It also is the issue in which the Pied Piper reveals his homosexuality to Wally West. An all around interesting read.

3. 1982 gives us The Defenders #113 which has some good and meaty plot twists. Though it also has some weak dialogue in select areas. An example being the Silver Surfer being called "Whitey" by another character. Since it is only in a few places that the dialogue is bad, I will recommend this comic. (Almost forgot to mention that the opening splash page is epic.)

4. While it isn't perfect The Champions #6 from 1976 is a relevant comic. It has a Super-Villian who is created due to desperation from the 1970s recession. I think this is important because no matter the time this kind of desperation seems to have always existed. There are some problems with the quality of the heroes' feet in one panel, and it also has one brief act of stupid in-fighting among the team. However there is a lot more good versus bad in this issue. I recommend it both as a good read and as a comic people can learn from.


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