Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hey Where's The Review Edition

1. Avengers Undercover #4 from 2014 is new reader friendly. It also has solid and expressive art. The story is smartly written with none of the characters acting stupid, or sounding the same.

2. From 1976 we have Marvel's The Champions #8. While not the greatest comic ever made, it is a pretty solid work. Even with the Pseudo-Science. (Also as far as I know Penciller Bob Hall has no relation to me.)

3. X-Factor volume 1 #52 circa 1990. Louse Simonson and the rest of the creative team did suburb work that proves not all 90s comics were bad. There are apparently multiple plot lines that are starting to come together in this issue that are juggled expertly. Plus a massive roach fight at a very upscale restaurant that provides scary, but cool visuals!

4. The Sub-Mariner story from Tales To Astonish # 71 circa 1965 is a great read! It has consistent logic, characterization, art. You also get an honest cover that shows Namor versus a Seaweed Man Monster, which also happens in the story. "But wait!" You say "Wasn't there a Hulk story in the comic?" The answer is "yep!" However you will have to wait and find out why it is not recommended next weekend.


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